CGFNS fees cover several aspects and areas. Read on to know what the fees structure is for CGFNS.

Fee Structure for CGFNS

The fees for CGFNS should be paid in the US Dollars. The fees should be paid in full so that the reviewing of the applications could begin. Payments can be made online or through draft. CGFNS accepts credit cards (Master Card, Visa, Discover/ Novus). A completed CGFNS Credit Card Payment Form, a certified bank check or an international money order or, made payable to “CGFNS”.
It can also be mailed to CGFNS International, Suite 400, 3600 Market Street, Philadelphia PA 19104-2651 USA.
Certification Program and application
$ 445 (19,976.49 INR)
Re-process of expired application
$ 150 (6,721.84 INR)
Change of exam date
$ 50 (2,241.24 INR)
Re-examination application
$ 350 (15,688.74 INR)
Reprocess of expired app. For re-exam
$ 150 (6,721.84 INR)
Exam Rescoring
$ 100 (4,474.30 INR)
Replacement Certificate (a missing certificate)
$ 150 (6.721.84 INR)
NOTE: The change in exam date can be done even after crossing the deadline for it.
Full education course by course report application
$ 385 (17,298.05 INR)
Science report and health care profession appl.
$ 335 (15,051.55 INR)
English language proficiency report
$ 85 (3819.39 INR)
Reprocess course by course report application
$ 150 (6,721.84INR)
Reprocess science and health care appl.
$ 125 (5,596.87 INR)
Evaluation of additional academic credentials
$ 60 (2,684.10 INR)
Evaluation of additional academic credentials
$ 60 (2,684.10 INR)
Note: It takes12 months time for processing the credentials evaluation services.
Visa screen application
$ 540 (24,156.93 INR)
Reprocess of an expired application
$ 150 (6,721.84 INR)
Visa Screen: expedited review service
$ 500 (22,367.50 INR)
Application for renewal certificate
$ 275 (12,302.13 INR)
Certificate letter of verification
$ 100 (4473.50 INR)
Replacement Certificate
$ 150 (6,721.84 INR)

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