The CGFNS is conducted three times in a year. Read on to know more information about dates for CGFNS.

CGFNS Exam Dates

The CGFNS qualifying exam is held in more than 50 countries across the world. The test centers in India are in Bangalore, Cochin, New Delhi and Mumbai. If the applicant wants, then they can change their exam dates ten weeks prior to the scheduled exam. Any changes intimated through fax are not acceptable. Any change in the dates, must be done by the applicant. It should include name, date, and CGFNS id number. It can be done by mail or it can be done through official website.

CGFNS Exam Dates

  • The dates for the exam are March 10th, 2010 July 10, 2010 and November 10th, 2010.
  • It is conducted in the second week of March, July and November.
  • The test centers in India are in Bangalore, Cochin, New Delhi and Mumbai.

More in CGFNS Exam

  • FAQs on CGFNS

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  • Fee Structure for CGFNS

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  • Registration Procedure for CGFNS

    The registration for CGFNS can be done either online or mail. Read on to know more about the registration procedure for CGFNS.

  • CGFNS Test Structure

    It is a paper-pencil based test. It takes almost takes 3 hours and 80 minutes for its completion. Read on to know more about type of CGFNS test.

  • Required Documents for CGFNS Exam

    CGFNS requires a careful assimilation of documents. Read on to know more about required documents for CGFNS exam.

  • CGFNS Scores

    As Credentials evaluation is a documentation process, no score is there for it. Read on to know other score information.