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The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) is a non-profit, internationally recognized organization. It is the leader in the education, registration and licensure of healthcare professionals worldwide. CGFNS takes care of healthcare policies and meets the public interest. It plans the standards of the professionals who want to migrate to the US. Read on to know more information on CGFNS FAQ’S.
A)    What are the phases involved in the CGFNS certification program?
        The CFNS certification courses involve three phases. The first phase is credentials review, the second phase is qualifying exam and the last is English proficiency test (Toefl, IELTS, TOEIC).
B)    What is the eligibility criterion for taking CGFNS?
        You have to be a first-level registered nurse for the same.
C)    What is a first level nurse?
        A professional nurse who is registered and licensed to work as a first level nurse.
D)    What else does the CGFNS offer apart from the certification?
         It forwards nursing education information to institutions, gives verification status, and gives replacement for a lost certificate.
E)    How many times the exam is offered in a year?
        It is offered three times per year.
F)     At many locations the program is offered?
         The exam is offered in around 40 locations.
G)    What Can I do, if I need to change the location or exam date?
        You need to submit a filled up form for the same and send it ten weeks prior to the exam date. The form is accepted via email, mail and fax.
H)    What can I do if in case I have lost my credentials?
        You should contact the authorities who had issued your credentials and get official notes saying validation on your results and documents.
I)      When the results get declared?
         The results get declared in eight to ten weeks after the exam.

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  • CGFNS Exam Dates

    The CGFNS is conducted three times in a year. Read on to know more information about dates for CGFNS.

  • Fee Structure for CGFNS

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  • Registration Procedure for CGFNS

    The registration for CGFNS can be done either online or mail. Read on to know more about the registration procedure for CGFNS.

  • CGFNS Test Structure

    It is a paper-pencil based test. It takes almost takes 3 hours and 80 minutes for its completion. Read on to know more about type of CGFNS test.

  • Required Documents for CGFNS Exam

    CGFNS requires a careful assimilation of documents. Read on to know more about required documents for CGFNS exam.

  • CGFNS Scores

    As Credentials evaluation is a documentation process, no score is there for it. Read on to know other score information.