Admissions for different courses in Ireland vary upon the university. Go through this article to find information about undergraduate courses in Ireland.

Undergraduate Courses in Ireland

The increasing globalization in the world is giving way to people more opportunities to travel to places. With this, more and more students are opting for pursuing their higher studies at a foreign destination that will award them with a world-recognized degree and open up more doors towards earning a better career life. Ireland is just one among those popular destinations which is increasingly becoming an international study place for foreign students from different parts of the world. The superlative facilities, excellent study programs, state-of-the-art infrastructure, distinguished teaching faculties, and magnificent learning environment deem Ireland as a top-notch career preparatory destination in the global map. By picking up an undergraduate program in Ireland, students will be exposing themselves to the Irish culture, expanding the world view, and developing life skills and experience. The Bachelor’s degree honored by the Irish universities are accepted and appreciated across the world by all leading corporate houses. To start off with, let’s present you the different courses offered in Ireland and the requirements for seeking admission in a reputed institution.
Degree Recognition
Degrees awarded by Irish universities and colleges enjoy international recognition and accreditation. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree from a university in Ireland provides international students competitive and challenging atmosphere to gain knowledge and learn new ideas.
Degree Structure
Students can easily get accustomed to Irish education system as it is quite similar to the study structure followed in most other nations. It takes about three or fours years of full-time comprehensive study to complete undergraduate program and earn a Bachelor’s degree (honors), while an ordinary Bachelor’s degree can be secured after three years of study. Furthermore, Irish universities offer higher certificate degrees, running for two-year duration. International students do not have the privilege to take up undergraduate qualification as part-time and hence, have to dedicate full-time towards classroom lectures and projects. An undergraduate program offered by Ireland allows the students to gain thorough understanding of their chosen subject and learn extra skills in areas of research and communication.
Academic Calendar
Universities in Ireland follow an academic calendar, typical to most other countries. An academic session is generally divided into two or three semesters, running from September through June. Students are granted holidays in December for Christmas and in March/April for Easter.
Subjects for Bachelor’s Degree
Humanities; Interdisciplinary; Journalism/Broadcasting; Photography; Politics Science/Politics; Visual Arts; Architecture; Design; Illustration/Animation; Interior Design; Computer Science; Information Technology; Information Systems; Technology; Accounting; Business Administration and Management; Communications; Economics; Finance; Human Resource Management; International Business; Legal Studies; Marketing, Advertisement and PR; International Hospitality Management; Hospitality Operations; International Marketing; Photographic Techniques; Practical Photography; Ways of Seeing; Media Production; Large Format Photography; Action Photography; People Photography; Fashion Designing; Irish Studies; Law; Public Administration, Public Policy and Government; Urban and Regional Planning
Admissions Requirements
  • Most students take up secondary school in Ireland to complete school leaving certificate examination with Irish students. This is the most common route followed by students who take up an English language course along with school studies.
  • Students have to produce certificates and documents of senior and higher secondary examinations written in their home countries to prove their eligibility for admission to a bachelor’s degree in Ireland. They have to fulfill eligibility criteria stated by the university they are applying to.
  • Applicants are required to show their proficiency in English language by taking the TOEFL or IELTS test. The minimum qualifying score for TOEFL is 550 and for IELTS, it is 6.5.
Application Procedure
  • First and foremost, gather as much information as possible regarding the courses you wish to take up and the institutions you intend to study in.
  • Applications for full-time undergraduate programs are made through a Central Application Office (CAO). Contact the CAO or Admissions Office of the higher education institute (HEI) to inquire whether you should apply through the CAO or directly to the HEI.
  • Secure application forms and gather all necessary documents. Prepare your application files and send them to the respective universities before the deadlines. Closing dates for applications are usually between March and June of the proposed year of entry. However, contact the universities for their last dates for accepting applications.
Cost of Education
Tuition Fees
The cost of studying in Ireland largely depends upon the university you are seeking admission in and the study program you have taken up. Pursuing an undergraduate degree program from an Irish university can cost you between €9000 and €45,000. The tuition fees segregated according to the course are listed here:

Medicine and related: €31,000 - €45,000
Engineering: €9100 - €20,300
Science & Technology: €9100 - €16,500
Arts & Humanities: €9100 - €15,500
Business: €9000 - €15,500

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