Pursue your graduate studies in a university with international acclaim. Explore this article to discover the different courses offered at postgraduate level in Ireland.

Masters Degree in Ireland

Higher education in Ireland is rapidly gaining international rank for continuous commitment towards academic excellence. For students who have been looking for a perfect destination to chase their career goals, a study program in Ireland assures to be a dream-come-true experience. This pretty impressive island in the North Atlantic is home to high quality universities and colleges with established international reputation. Relatively a younger entrée into the educational sector, Ireland has shown tremendous economic growth with highly qualified workforce and considerable inward investment. Been a leading exporter of computer software, Ireland is increasingly becoming the world leader, adding more towards attracting a large foreign student crowd from all across the world. The various Irish universities offer the students to broaden their career prospects and increase knowledge with a plethora of study programs offered at postgraduate level. While they help you specialize in a particular field, students also have the option of changing direction and pursuing a new career in a different field altogether. Scroll on further for more information on various courses for master’s degree and the requirements for obtaining admission in an acclaimed Irish university.
Degree Recognition
Securing higher education from Ireland enjoys international recognition and appreciation. Graduating from an Irish university with a Master’s degree widens career prospects with lucrative job offers from corporate leaders in the industry.
Degree Structure
Completion of undergraduate studies allows the students to find lucrative jobs in the industry or pursue higher studies in the form of a postgraduate degree program. Irish universities offer postgraduate certificates or diplomas and Master’s degrees lasting for one to two years. While certificate or diploma courses require the students to take up class lectures, Master’s degree programs, on the other hand, are taught or research courses. Depending upon the student’s performance in coursework and thesis, a Master’s degree can be converted into PhD degree. On successful completion of the course, students are awarded with respective degrees, after which they can explore the industry for job opportunities or apply for a doctoral program for a minimum of three years.
Academic Calendar
Universities in Ireland follow an academic calendar, typical to most other countries. An academic session is generally divided into two or three semesters, running from September through June. Students are granted holidays in December for Christmas and in March/April for Easter.
Subjects for Master’s Degree
Humanities; Interdisciplinary; Journalism/Broadcasting; Photography; Politics Science/Politics; Visual Arts; Architecture; Design; Illustration/Animation; Interior Design; Computer Science; Information Technology; Information Systems; Technology; Accounting; Accounting & Corporate Finance; Business Administration and Management; Communications; Economics; Finance; Human Resource Management; International Business; Legal Studies; Marketing, Advertisement and PR; International Hospitality Management; Hospitality Operations; International Marketing; Photographic Techniques; Practical Photography; Ways of Seeing; Media Production; Large Format Photography; Action Photography; People Photography; Fashion Designing; Irish Studies; Law; Public Administration, Public Policy and Government; Urban and Regional Planning
Admissions Requirements
  • For applying to a master’s program at an Irish university, it is mandatory to possess a relevant honors bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent degree diploma.
  • Certain years of work experience is a strict requirement for some courses, such as MBA.
  • Students are required to submit official transcripts of the subjects studied and examinations taken at the undergraduate level to prove their eligibility. Most Irish universities refuse to accept photocopies; thus, obtain official duplicate transcripts from the previous university.
  • Academic references are another important requirement while applying for a master’s degree in Ireland. Approach and ask a trusted person to provide details on your achievements at the academic level.
  • A state of interest should also be submitted to indicate your proposed studies and professional/personal goals linked with the studies to the undertaken.
  • Detailed curriculum vitae with relevant professional and extra-curricular experience should be submitted with the application.
  • Evidence of English competency should be provided through tests scores of TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Courses like MBA have special entry requirements, such as a Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), which should be qualified with minimum eligible score.
  • An application fee of about €30 to €50 (non-refundable) should be submitted with the application. In case you are applying through Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC), the application fee is €45.
  • A copy of birth certificate
Application Procedure
  • Applications for postgraduate programs are generally made through the university’s standard official application form. Fill the form online or download and use it as a regular application form.
  • Admissions to six institutions in Ireland require the applicants to use the PAC (Postgraduate Applications Centre) system for applying to postgraduate courses. These institutions are University College Cork, Dublin City University, NUI Maynooth, NUI Galway, Trinity College Dublin, and Waterford Institute of Technology.
  • Apart from seeking admission in the above listed universities, students are required to submit applications online for Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health Nursing.
  • Follow the instructions stated by the university while filling the application form. Attach the required documents and mail the application packet to the admissions office of the university before the closing date for receiving applications.
  • While applying through PAC system, submit the form online and you will receive a PAC application number. Keep the PAC number carefully and follow it to track the progress of your application.
Cost of Education
Tuition Fees
The cost of studying in Ireland largely depends upon the university you are seeking admission in and the study program you have taken up. Pursuing a postgraduate degree program from an Irish university can cost you between €8900 and €37,000. The tuition fees segregated according to the course are listed here:
Medicine and related: €12,035 - €37,000
Engineering: €9150 - €18,000
Science & Technology: €9150 - €18,000
Arts & Humanities: €8900 - €20,000
Business: €9150 - €18,800

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