Expose yourself to a challenging international industry in a uniquely stimulating location. Explore this article to get all information about internship programs in Ireland.

Internship in Ireland

If you had always desired to work amid majestic castles, enchanting landscapes, lush green rolling hills, dramatic coastline, and charming people, then Ireland should be your work destination. The rich history, vivid green countryside, picturesque coastal villages, and contemporary lifestyle offer a perfect culture to undertake an internship program in this magnificent island. For young professionals who’d love to improve their existing curriculum vitae or switch career paths, enrolling in an internship program from abroad comes with several advantages. Enhance your resume, gain international work experience, and learn lots about the Irish culture with a promising and rewarding internship, guaranteeing you 100% successful lucrative job placement in the best of the best industries. With a broad range of subjects offered for internship, interns can hope to take a step towards reaching their final destination, with internship placements ranging from one to six months of duration. An intern is paid a starting salary of about €1500 per month. The authentic Irish life and enhanced skill employment experienced here is second to none. To find out more about applying for an internship program in Ireland, go through the sections below.
Internship in Ireland
Eligibility Criteria
  • To be eligible for an internship program in an Irish organization, applicants should be at least 18 years old and not above 30 years.
  • Applicants must have completed at least 2 years of undergraduate coursework in their preferred internship field.
  • Although academic background and/or work experience is highly preferred by most organizations, it is not mandatory.
  • They should have fluency or high level proficiency in spoken and written English language to understand and carry out the proceedings of the internship smoothly.
Program Fees
Internships can be organized for durations from a minimum one month long to a maximum of six months in length, though they begin throughout the year. The fees for undergoing an internship program costs approximately €3000 to €6000, depending upon the duration of the program, the organization, and the field of study you have chosen.
Application Procedure
  • Surf through the internet to find out the various internship programs and positions offered by different companies in Ireland. Sort out the programs that suit your needs and requirements.
  • Check the program eligibility and determine whether you suit their requirements.
  • Submit an inquiry form on the company’s website to get all the details of the program. The more companies you apply to, the greater are your chances of getting hired in a reputed organization.
  • Applications for internship in Ireland generally cost an application fee of about €30 to €50, varying from company to company. Also, you need to state your preferred dates for undertaking the internship.
  • Allow a couple weeks for the companies to process your applications. Thereafter, you will start receiving responses to your application.
  • Pick up the best program from among the accepted applications. Ask for more details of the program, such as start and finish dates, position held, responsibilities assigned, salary offered, and other such necessary information.
  • Secure a position with an organization and deposit a part of the internship fees, as booking amount, to reserve your place in the program. Failing to do so can get your application canceled and offered to the next deserving candidate.
  • After you receive a confirmation letter of your internship, apply for the visa and fulfill other necessary details.
  • Obtain a visa for internship in Ireland and make the final payment of the internship fees in the company.
  • Book your ticket to Ireland and pack your bags.
  • Land in Ireland about a week prior to commencement of your program.

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