A doctoral degree from an Irish university earns a broad range of successful professional careers. With this article, discover the various PhD programs offered by Ireland.

PhD in Ireland

Ireland is an attractive destination not just for the marvelous beauty and fascinating lifestyle, but also for international students desiring to accomplish a satisfying and fulfilling professional life. The world class universities present in Ireland have gone far in earning international recognition and reputation. The government of Ireland has played a major role in contributing towards technological developments, inventions, and research, and continues to do so. In fact, much of the investments and funds are utilized in enhancing and improving the research centers of the Irish universities and colleges; thus, giving students a better platform for carrying out their studies and research programs. The most advanced form of graduate education in Ireland is the doctoral program. A wide range of disciplines are offered for potential doctorate students to perform research and study in order to boost their professional profiles. Browse on further to know the various courses offered for a doctoral program and the requirements for obtaining admission in a well-known and distinguished Irish university.
Degree Recognition
The kind of knowledge advancement and thorough research is provided by universities in Irish is highly acclaimed and appreciated across the world. Pursuing a PhD degree from an Irish institution is likely to open up an extensive range of both academic and non-academic careers.
Degree Structure
Most universities in Ireland have international partnerships and exchange programs which assist in boosting the coursework and research undertaken in a doctoral program. PhD programs in Ireland typically run for duration of minimum three years wherein students work under an academic supervisor for guidance to perform the necessary research, thereby completing the thesis as required by the curriculum. Depending upon the applicant’s area of specialization, he is provided with an academic supervisor and a place to perform his thesis and research work. In Irish universities, doctorate takes three different forms, namely, PhD, professional doctorate, and higher doctorate. A PhD program is characterized by working on a thesis through original research, thereby extending the student’s knowledge and professional practice parameters. A professional doctorate is relatively shorter than a PhD and the research thesis generally contains professional environment context. Unlike a doctoral degree that awards a PhD, a professional doctorate is a doctoral level award which is distinguished by a title referring to the profession of the student. Students who exhibit exceptional contribution to their respective fields and provide new knowledge through published work are awarded with a higher doctorate degree. As such, no formal coursework or program of study is designed for this degree, and the awardees are usually highly experienced and senior researchers.
Academic Calendar
Universities in Ireland follow an academic calendar, typical to most other countries. An academic session is generally divided into two or three semesters, running from September through June. Students are granted holidays in December for Christmas and in March/April for Easter.
Subjects for Doctoral Degree
Biochemistry; Bioinformatics; Biophysics; Biotechnology; Botany/Plant Science; Cell Biology/Development; Genetics; Medical/Biomedical Physics; Medical/Clinical Science; Microbiology; Molecular Biology; Analytical Chemistry; Biochemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Materials Science; Physical Chemistry; Synthetic Chemistry; Electrical & Electronic Engineering; Semiconductors; Software Engineering; Telecommunications Engineering; Applied Mathematics; Computer Science & IT; Data Analysis; Information Science; Mathematics; Operational Research; Statistics; Fluid Dynamics
Admissions Requirements
  • A high primary honors degree serves as the minimum qualification for admission to a PhD program in an Irish university. Alternatively, applicants can produce any such evidence that will convince the head of the department or faculty of their eligibility for obtaining admission. Ideally, a master’s degree is considered apt for applying to a PhD program.
  • Depending upon the applicants’ study background and the subject chosen for research, they will be required to submit a review of minimum 10,000 words to justify their eligibility for seeking admission in their desired subject of research, within 12 to 18 months of registration. They may then have to undergo an oral presentation as well.
  • An up-to-date resume indicating the details of previous work experience, achievements, and future goals
  • A letter of motivation outlining the interests in the specific subject
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts
  • Evidence of proficiency in English, either through TOEFL or IELTS score
Application Procedure
  • Online postgraduate application form on the university’s website must be duly completed and submitted for admission to a PhD program in Ireland. You can either fill the form online along with attached scanned documents or download the form and use it as a normal application form.
  • As per the university’s requirements, gather all the necessary documents and send your application to the admissions office of the university before the closing date of receiving applications.
  • Some universities in Ireland accept application only through PAC (Postgraduate Applications Centre) system. In case you are applying to one of such universities, you should fill the application form provided on PAC’s website and forward it with the requirements documents within 10 days of application.
Accommodation Expense
Plentiful accommodation facilities are available in Ireland as per students’ needs, requirements, and affordability, with a range from €1700 to €5400 per year.
  • Self catering accommodation provides options of living in a room in shared house or large private apartment. Costs from €380 to 700 per month.
  • Family based accommodation gives the privilege of staying with an Irish family and enjoying basic benefits. Costs from €95 to €120 weekly.
  • On-campus lodging is also made available by many universities and colleges, with diverse options, ranging from a single room to shared room in a large apartment to a one-bedroom apartment. Costs from €1700 to €2500 per academic year (usually nine months).
Cost of Education
Tuition Fees
The cost of studying in Ireland largely depends upon the university you are seeking admission in and the study program you have taken up. Pursuing a doctoral degree from an Irish university can cost you between €4000 and €5000.

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