Ireland has some of Europe's best higher-learning institutes. Scroll through this write-up to discover the top universities of Ireland.

Top Universities of Ireland

So, you have finally decided to study in Ireland. Pursuing a degree in higher studies from Ireland is an exciting prospect, as the country has plenty to offer, leaving you with an experience of a lifetime. Enriched with a vibrant history, modern lifestyle, integrating culture, and colorful people, Ireland deems to be a sought-after study destination for many international students. Particularly the third-level institutions are considered among the world’s most prestigious universities to study in. They are known for enhancing research and creating centers of excellence for world-class learning. With so many top universities housed within the borders of this remarkable and spellbinding country, picking up the best university can be a confusing affair. Nevertheless, if you can narrow down your options on the parameters of location, ranking, and community awareness, becoming a part of Irish culture is not too far. Read further as we present you some of the top universities of Ireland to be a part of.
Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin
Founded in 1592 as the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin, Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest university and one of the oldest in Western Europe. Extensive research, attractive scholarship, and world-class teaching are the primary basics aimed at providing academic excellence in the college. Spread over 47 acres of green land, the university is situated in the capital city of Dublin and boasts of a wide diversity ranging from ancient architecture to contemporary facilities. With more than 16,000 students enrolled, the university is categorized into 3 major faculties comprising of 24 schools. Some of them are School of Business; School of Drama, Film and Music; School of Education; School of Law; School of Social Work and Social Policy; School of Religions, Theology and Ecumenics; School of Chemistry; School of Engineering; School of Mathematics; School of Natural Sciences; School of Medicine; School of Dental Science; and School of Nursing and Midwifery.
Dublin City University
Relatively a young university established in 1975, Dublin City University (DCU) lies in the Northside of Dublin, sprawling over 85 acres of beautiful and captivating campus. With more than 80 programs offered to approximately 11,000 students, the university has managed to create a niche for delivering academic excellence and innovative skills through highly-trained workforce, top-notch facilities, and vibrant learning environment. DCU Business School, Faculty of Engineering & Computing, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Faculty of Science & Health, and Oscail - Distance Education constitute the study structure of the university.
University College Dublin
Ever since its establishment in 1854, the University College Dublin (UCD) has grown to become one of Ireland’s flourishing universities, providing students a dynamic, ambitious, and creative base. The remarkable distinction of UCD giving birth to eminent personalities has helped in shaping the country’s future and giving it successful and leading scholars. About 23,000 students are given the opportunity of learning amid innovative and collegial environment at the enthralling and stunning 320 acre campus at Belfield, Dublin. UCD encompasses 5 colleges, which are further divided into 34 schools and 18 research institutes and centers. College of Arts & Celtic Studies, College of Business & Law; College of Engineering, Mathematical & Physical Sciences; College of Human Sciences; and College of Life Sciences comprise of the university.
University College Cork
Set up in 1845, University College Cork (UCC) was originally one of three Queen’s College and became a constituent college of the National University of Ireland in 1908. Over the years, the university has established itself as a leading research institution, offering flexible degree programs, through outstanding teaching and instructive standards. A perfect blend of history and modernity, UCC is situated in the picturesque Cork city of southwest Ireland, stretching over a spectacular and cosmopolitan campus. The university educates over 18,000 students under four colleges, further categorized into various schools, departments, centers, and units. The four colleges are Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences; Business and Law; Medicine and Health; and Science, Engineering and Food Science.
University of Limerick
Founded in 1972 as the National Institute for Higher Education, University of Limerick was declared a university in 1989. With over 12,000 students, the university proudly delivers innovative education and excellence in research and scholarship. Situated on a 133 acre campus along the sparkling River Shannon in Limerick, the institution has one of the highest employment rates in Ireland. Education is imparted to students through four academic faculties, namely, Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences; Faculty of Education & Health Sciences; Kemmy Business School; and Faculty of Science & Engineering.
National University of Ireland, Galway
Originally set up as one of Queen’s Colleges in 1845, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI) became a constituent university of the National University of Ireland in 1908 as University College Galway and later was renamed as it is known currently in 1997. It is due to teaching and research excellence that NUI has earned international recognition and reputation. A large variety of courses are offered under five different colleges that constitute the university, namely, College of Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies; College of Business, Public Policy & Law; College of Engineering & Informatics; College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences; and College of Science.
Dublin Institute of Technology
Established in 1978, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is one of the largest and most innovative university-level institutions in Ireland. With emphasis on career oriented learning, extensive processes of discovery, real-life issue-based research, and student-centered teaching, the university has transformed students into productive leaders and enhances Dublin’s role as Ireland’s gateway to imparting international knowledge and skills. Situated in the vibrant capital city Dublin, DIT has over 20,000 students enrolled in a multitude programs offered by four main colleges. These are College of Arts & Tourism, College of Business, College of Engineering & Built Environment, and College of Sciences & Health.
National University of Ireland, Maynooth
One of the youngest Irish universities, the National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM), founded in 1997, is rapidly growing as a booming destination for professional learning, academic discovery, and exceptional teaching. Located on a beautiful yet peaceful campus straddling from main Maynooth to Kilcock Road in County Kildare, the university is segregated into two campuses, North and South. NUIM has more than 8400 students on roll under 26 academic departments, organized into three major faculties, like Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies & Philosophy; Faculty of Science and Engineering; and Faculty of Social Sciences.
Waterford Institute of Technology
Opened as Regional Technical College in 1970, Waterford Institute of Technology is one of the largest technical institutes in Ireland and the first one to be awarded the status of Institute of Technology in 1998. The standard of Irish degrees awarded by the university is recognized globally due to quality education and reformed scholarship. While the main campus is situated at N25 Cork Road, the university has three other campuses, namely, College Street Campus, Carriganore Campus or West Campus near the Waterford Bypass, and Applied Technology Building in Waterford’s Industrial Estate. Over 10,000 students undertake studies in 6 different schools, further categorized into 16 departments. These are School of Business, School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Health Sciences, School of Humanities, and School of Science.
Cork Institute of Technology
Top-class facilities, innovative research opportunities, state-of-the-art architecture, and cooperative student crowd set the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) separate from other Irish educational institutions. Founded in 1973 as Regional Technical College Cork, CIT transmits academic excellence to 17,000 students through two constituent faculties and three constituent colleges, spread across four campuses. Faculty of Business & Humanities and Faculty of Engineering & Science are situated at the main campus at Bishopstown, Cork. Crawford College of Art and Design is sited at Sharman Crawford Street, while Cork School of Music is positioned at Union Quay. The National Maritime College of Ireland is located in Ringaskiddy, County Cork.

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