If you've decided to pursue education amidst the emerald landscapes of Ireland, knowing the cost of studying is highly essential. With this piece, know the study costs in Ireland.

Study Cost in Ireland

The land of saints and scholars, Ireland has long been cherished as one of the principle education providers to the western world, since the Middle Ages. With an age-old tradition of academic excellence, Ireland is increasingly spreading its wings and emerging as a leading educational hub, not just in Europe but across the world. The medium of instruction and cheaper costs are the two major contributing factors for drawing a large percentage of international students for pursuing higher education amid the rich culture, spellbinding beauty, and vibrant lifestyle of Ireland. Whether it is capital Dublin, or other prominent tourist destinations Galway, Sligo, or Cork, universities and colleges are spread across the entire island, giving each province an equal chance of international exposure, in terms of student attraction. Recognized worldwide for excellence in many disciplines, high quality scientific research, and humble friendliness and hospitality, Ireland is a comparatively cheaper deal for pursuing higher studies, though the prices can increase depending upon the lifestyle of the students. Take a look at the cost of studying and other expenses while living in Ireland.
Study Cost in Ireland
Tuition Fees
Tuition fees for acquiring higher education in Ireland depends largely on the course of study, duration of the program, and the university. The average cost of education in Ireland is between €9500 and €13,000, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. However, medical education is the costliest requiring a student to splurge at least €20,000 per year.
Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Courses (per year)
Medicine and related: €31,000 - €45,000
Engineering: €9100 - €20,300
Science & Technology: €9100 - €16,500
Arts & Humanities: €9100 - €15,500
Business: €9000 - €15,500
Tuition Fees for Postgraduate Courses (per year)
Medicine and related: €12,035 - €37,000
Engineering: €9150 - €18,000
Science & Technology: €9150 - €18,000
Arts & Humanities: €8900 - €20,000
Business: €9150 - €18,800
Living & Other Expenses
Living expenses vary considerably based on the location and lifestyle of the student. Annual expenses, including accommodation, food, clothing, textbooks and other study material, laundry, travel, utilities, telephone, and socializing, range anywhere from €7500 to €12,000 per year.
Accommodation Expenses
Plentiful accommodation facilities are available in Ireland as per students’ needs, requirements, and affordability, with a range from €1700 to €5400 per year.
  • Self catering accommodation provides options of living in a room in shared house or large private apartment. Costs from €380 to 700 per month.
  • Family based accommodation gives the privilege of staying with an Irish family and enjoying basic benefits. Costs from €95 to €120 weekly.
  • On-campus lodging is also made available by many universities and colleges, with diverse options, ranging from a single room to shared room in a large apartment to a one-bedroom apartment. Costs from €1700 to €2500 per academic year (usually nine months).
Health Insurance in Euros
All students, traveling from abroad to Ireland for pursuing higher studies, have to get themselves insured with private health insurance companies to cover the costs of illness and accidents. The insurance will include the choice of hospital, doctor, and hospital accommodation in case of emergency illness. Since health insurance is relatively expensive in Ireland, a single visit to a doctor can cost about €50 to €120.

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