Welcome to Mexico, the beautiful North American country that provides you with a great learning experience. Read more about the study programs in Mexico in the following section.

Study in Mexico

A North American country, Mexico is one amongst the largest economies of the world and a regional power. The country experiences huge amount of footfall all through the year. Vibrant and effervescent, the diverse cultures of the country attract millions of visitors every year. Boasting of a rich history, Mexico has been a prominent centre for human settlement. Right from the Mayans and the Aztecs to the Zapotecs, famous human civilizations have made the country their home. Amazingly, many of the once-existing societies can still be accessed and studied by students. The higher education system of Mexico includes over 2000 institutes that provide study programs in nearly every discipline. Mexico prominently has pleasant weather conditions that attract thousands of foreign students to the country to enjoy various leisure activities.
This Latin country is a famous educational destination of the world. It has one of the highest student-to-teaching staff ratio in the world with 26 students per teacher nationwide, in all levels from pre-kindergarten through post secondary education. The importance of education in Mexico can be gauged by the fact that the literacy rate for youth under the age of 14 was at 97% and for people over 15 was at 91% in 2004, making Mexico secure the 24th place in the world rank, accordingly to UNESCO. There are several universities and institutions in Mexico that provide short and long term courses in various fields. These universities are globally recognized for their high quality education and research standards. Read further to know more about various study programs in Mexico.

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  • Education System in Mexico

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