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Top Universities of China

It wouldn’t be an understatement when you read about the large number of Chinese students showing their willingness to travel to international destinations to pursue higher education. Yet, it isn’t even incorrect to state that this traffic is not one-way. Heavy investment in higher studies, growing prestige in the global market, renowned teaching faculties, state-of-the-art facilities, welcoming environment, and astounding locales to marvel at are just a few of the many reasons for considerate foreign students embarking China for imbibing high-quality knowledge and learning. With more than 790 universities and 1600 institutions of higher education established in China, this spectacular nation is tremendously growing to become a prospective educational hub of Asia. The degrees bestowed upon by all universities are internationally recognized and accepted, blessing all students with lucrative and money-spinning job opportunities in the highly competitive industry of today. Listed here are the topmost universities of China, renowned and distinguished across the world. Read on.
Peking University
One of the oldest universities in China, Peking University was established in 1898 as Imperial Capital University, at Haidian district in the western suburbs of Beijing. The university, fondly known as Beida in Chinese, combines phenomenal research with enhancement of thoughts and ideas. Ranked among the top Chinese universities, it is highly revered for its traditional magnificent Chinese architecture encircling the campus grounds. The university imparts more than 300 study options to over 15,000 students through 30 colleges and 12 departments, namely, School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Physics, College of Chemistry, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, School of Software and Microelectronics, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Arts, Guanghua School of Management, School of Journalism and Communication, Institute of Molecular Medicine, and others.
Tsinghua University
Founded in 1911, Tsinghua University is termed as the second best university in mainland China for academic excellence, integral training, and professional proficiency. Sprawling over 395 hectares of imperial gardens, the university lies in northwest Beijing, enclosed by the royal and majestic historic sites of the Qing Dynasty. With more than 28,000 students on roll, the university thrives on over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, fostering talent and scientific research, via 14 schools and 56 departments. The major faculties include School of Architecture, School of Civil Engineering, School of Aerospace, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Life Sciences, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua Law School, School of Medicine, School of Journalism and Communication, and Department of Physical Education.
Zhejiang University
Established in 1897 as Qiushi Shuyuan (Qiushi Academy), Zhejiang University was one of the earliest modern academies of higher learning in China. One of the prestigious universities, the main campus of Zhejiang University lies in the garden city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, with five other campuses spread across the province. The pleasant climate, picturesque surroundings, and favorable academic atmosphere make learning at the university an enriching experience. The university is home to about 43,000 students offering them to take up study programs in over 800 specializations. The university comprises of 7 faculties, consisting of 20 schools and 16 departments. Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences; Faculty of Science; Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Information Technology; Faculty of Medicine; and Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Entertainment are the primary faculties.
Fudan University
Ideally situated in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, Fudan University is a renowned institution of higher education in China, educating more than 45,000 students under 17 schools and 69 departments. Founded in 1905, the university aims at cultivating an increasing number of all-round talents through distinguished faculty members, innovative teaching methods, and comprehensive research opportunities. While the main campus, Handan campus, is located in Yangpu district of Shanghai, the university also operates through three other campuses, namely, Fenglin campus at Xuhui district, Zhangjiang campus at Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Pudong district, and Jiangwan campus at Jiangwan district, all situated in downtown Shanghai. The major faculties include School of Economics, School of Law, School of Journalism, College of Foreign Language and Literature, School of Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Modern Physics, School of Management, School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Medical College, and School of Nursing.
Nanjing University
Supervised under the Ministry of Education, Nanjing University (NJU) is one of the most esteemed educational institutions in China. Established in 1902, NJU falls under one of the oldest Chinese universities and boasts of advanced teaching and research facilities. Distinguished learning is spread over three beautiful campuses - Gulou, Pukou, and Xianlin. With more than 43,000 students enrolled currently, the university is divided into 21 schools, offering about 450 undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. School of Liberal Arts, Department of History, Department of Mathematics, School of Atmospheric Sciences, School of Modern Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of Business, Medical School, and School of Management and Engineering are a few of the many departments.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Jointly run by the Ministry and Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is amongst the oldest universities of China, exhibiting excellence in higher education, reputation in extensive research, and advancement in modern technology. Set up in 1896, SJTU is home to more than 42,000 students enrolled under approximately 500 programs of study. Together with five stunning and charming campuses, Xuhui, Luwan, Qibao, Fahua, Shangzhong, and main Minhang campus, the university is spread over 200 hectares. The different departments are School of Mechanical Engineering; School of Microelectronics; School of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Department of Mathematics; Department of Physics; School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology; School of Medicine; School of Humanities; Antai College of Economics and Management; KoGuan Law School; Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance; and School of International Education amongst several others.
Wuhan University
Nestled amid the majestic Luojia Hill and the awe-inspiring East Lake with cherry blossom gardens and architectural buildings in the backdrop, Wuhan University is regarded as one of the most beautiful universities in the world. Founded in 1893, the university boasts of a picturesque green and wooded campus covering an area of 5508 mu. With 45,000 students on-house, the university presents over 360 distinct courses to choose from, categorized under 32 colleges. The most significant of them include Department of Art; College of History; College of Information Management; Law School; WTO College; College of Mathematics and Statistics; College of Material Science & Engineering; School of Urban Studies; College of Computer Science; School of Medicine; School of International Software; College of Pharmacy; and Business School.
Renmin University of China
Ever since Renmin University of China (RUC), also called People’s University of China, was established in 1937, it has continuously made endeavors in firming itself as a distinguished institution imparting education in humanities and social sciences. Primarily a comprehensive and research-oriented university, RUC is one of the most prestigious learning institutions in China. It is perfectly sited at Haidian district in downtown Beijing, at walking distance from other leading Chinese universities. Currently, RUC is home to over 23,000 students who have been enrolled in 23 schools, 13 research institutes, and one graduate school, specializing in about 300 majors. School of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development, School of Business, School of Finance, School of History, School of Information Resource Management, School of Labor & Human Resources, School of Law, School of Arts, Department of Chemistry, and School of Education and Training are the major departments.
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Stretching over 1153 acres of picturesque locales and elegant green lawns, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) is an eminent institution of education and learning, sited at Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. HUST offers over 600 study courses in 11 disciplines to around 55,000 students. With an aim of cultivating students into highly-qualified creative talents through its innovative education, research-oriented cultivation system, and first-class facilities, the university has transformed into a leading educational institution in China as well as the world. The major schools and departments comprise of School of Computer Science and Technology; College of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; School of Energy and Power Engineering; School of Software Engineering; School of Mathematics and Statistics; School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; School of Educational Research; School of Marxism; School of Pharmacy; Department of Nursing; and Academy of Chinese Learning.
University of Science and Technology of China
Ranked among the top fifteen universities of China, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) is a leading name in advanced science and high technology programs, unique management studies, and well-tailored disciplines in humanities. Established in 1958, this young university emphasizes on high-level training, newly-emerging fields of study, and high-class instructive learning. Spread across 360 acres of lush green landscapes, the university is situated in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, and is segregated into four campuses, East, West, South, and North. About 15,000 students, 9 schools, 23 departments, and more than a hundred programs constitute the university. School of Chemistry and Materials Science, School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Earth and Space Sciences, School of Engineering Science, School of Humanities and Social Science, and School of Management are some departments.

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