While traveling to China to pursue your higher studies and chase your dreams, information about the study cost is extremely essential. Go through this write-up for the cost of studying in China.

Study Cost in China

China is a captivating and socially engaging study destination, all thanks to the high-quality education, eminent teaching staff, cooperative study environment, lucrative job opportunities, and high-tech facilities. Not just the exceptionally marvelous educational structure attracts a large international crowd in the form of students, but the breathtaking historical sites, abundance of natural beauty, and vibrant lifestyles also contribute to declaring China as a prominent study destination. Now that you have decided to travel to the “Land of Dragons and Emperors”, it is important to know the number of your precious green notes you would be splurging out to finance your tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses while studying in China. Living in China is relatively reasonable than the western countries, making it convenient for all classes of students to survive their existence here. So, let’s see how your budget will be segregated into different departments of expenses, just before you put a stamp on the destination China.
Study Cost in China
Tuition Fees in Yuan
China is a cheap place to study, unless you choose a prestigious university to pursue your choice of course. Cost of study in China, however, varies largely based on the program chosen, the university, and the duration of the course. Tuition fees for international students can range anywhere between 10,000 Yuan and 54,000 Yuan, on a yearly basis. Given here is the approximate break up of tuition fees charged for different streams and study levels.
Arts Subjects
Undergraduate Level: 10,000 - 20,000 Yuan (per year)
Postgraduate Level: 14,000 - 24,000 Yuan (per year)
Doctoral Level: 17,000 - 27,000 Yuan (per year)
Science, Technology, Agriculture, Medicine, Sports Subjects
Undergraduate Level: 11,000 - 41,000 Yuan (per year)
Postgraduate Level: 16,500 - 48,000 Yuan (per year)
Doctoral Level: 18,500 - 54,000 Yuan (per year)
Living & Other Expenses in Yuan
Cost of living in China comprises of accommodation, food, clothing, textbooks and other study material, travel, medical, and other miscellaneous expenses. Based on your living standards, you can easily spend about 2500 Yuan to 6400 Yuan per month on your living expenditure in China. However, if you are habitual of indulging in high-class living standard, expenses in China have no limit. As such, a villa-style bungalow or a top-range apartment and tuition fees alone can cost about 6, 40,000 Yuan per year, in major cities.
Accommodation Expenses in Yuan
Accommodation serves as the main factor affecting your pocket in China. Residing in a luxurious and posh city, like Shanghai or Beijing, can force you to splurge out loads of greens even for a day-stay at an overcrowded dormitory, amounting to about 97 Yuan or even higher. However, the costs are reduced by almost half if you move to second-tier Chinese cities and even more in a third-tier Chinese city. Depending upon the location, amenities provided, and your lifestyle, you can end up spending 1200-3200 Yuan a month while living in a large city and lower than 1200 Yuan while residing in a small city.
Health Insurance in Yuan
It is mandatory for all international students staying in China for a period of more than six months to be medically insured throughout their planned period of study. Students are required to purchase medical insurance before or after their arrival in China from an insurance company and submit a copy of the insurance policy to the International Office of the university. Insurance can cost about 600 Yuan per year based on the insurance type taken.

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