Are you looking for what kind of postgraduate courses does China offer? Well, scroll through this piece and explore for yourself the plethora of master's degree programs in China.

Masters Degree in China

One thing that makes studying in China so fascinating and unique is the vast difference in the lifestyles spent in the Western world and China. Despite all the differences, China has grown to be deemed as a study abroad destination for numerous international students. The invaluable professional experience and booming industries that China is home to, serve as two of the many reasons for attracting a large foreign crowd. Boasting of some of the top ranked universities, China offers degrees in almost any and all fields of study. Plus, these honors are recognized in the international market, giving the students a leg up on grabbing money-spinning job openings in multinational companies, not just in Asia but across the world. The quality and excellence of postgraduate courses offered by Chinese universities has successfully created a niche in the educational industry. Together with world-class professors, high-tech facilities, cooperative fellow students, welcoming environment, and academic excellence, China presents a worthwhile study experience. Check out the different programs offered by China at postgraduate level and the requirements for seeking admission in a reputable university.
Degree Recognition
Postgraduate courses pursued from China stand a better chance of receiving rewarding and lucrative job openings. A Chinese master’s degree from an esteemed university is highly accepted and recognized throughout the world.
Degree Structure
China’s education system runs in accordance with most of the other educational structures followed across various parts of the world. On completing the bachelor’s degree, students enroll for the next higher level - postgraduate. It takes about two to three years of comprehensive study, projects, thesis, and oral and written examinations to comply with the requirements of a postgraduate course and receive the distinguished master’s degree. Obtaining a master’s degree allow the students to fulfill the eligibility of getting enrolled in a doctoral program for further research or exploring the industry for fruitful and challenging job opportunities.
Academic Calendar
The academic calendar of Chinese universities is organized into two semesters - Fall and Spring. While the Fall semester runs from mid-September to January or early February, the Spring semester begins in February or early March until mid-July. However, some schools admitting international students postpone their start date to end of September or mid-October, especially for courses like MBBS or engineering, taught in English.
Subjects for Master’s Degree
Basic Medicine; Clinical Medicine; Stomatology; Public Health and Preventive Medicine; Chinese Medicine; Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine; Pharmaceutical Medicine; Science of Chinese Pharmacology; Management Science and Engineering; Science of Business Administration; Agricultural and Forestry Economics & Management; Science of Public Management; Science of Library, Information and Archival; Theoretical Economics; Applied Economics; Mechanics; Mechanical Engineering; Optical Engineering; Instrument Science and Technology; Materials Science and Engineering; Metallurgical Engineering; Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics; Electrical Engineering; Electronics Science and Technology; Information and Communication Engineering; Control Science and Engineering; Computer Science and Technology; Architecture; Civil Engineering; Hydraulic Engineering; Surveying and Mapping; Chemical Engineering and Technology; Geological Resources and Geological Engineering; Mineral Engineering; Oil and Natural Gas Engineering; Textile Science and Engineering; The Light Industry Technology and Engineering; Communication and Transportation Engineering; Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering; Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology; Armament Science and Technology; Nuclear Science and Technology; Agricultural Engineering; Forestry Engineering; Environmental Science and Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Food Science and Engineering; Philosophy; Science of Law; Political Science; Sociology; Ethnology; Marxist Theory; Education Science; Psychology; Science of Physical Culture and Sports; Chinese Literature; Foreign Languages and Literatures; Journalism and Communication; Art; History; Crop Science; Horticulture; Utilization Science of Agricultural Resources; Plant Protection; Animal Science; Veterinary Medicine; Forestry; Fisheries Science; Military Thought and Military History; Science of Command; Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; Astronomy; Geography; Atmospheric Sciences; Marine Sciences; Geophysics; Geology; Biology; Systems Science; History of Science and Technology
Cost of Education
Tuition Fees in Yuan
Studying in China for a postgraduate degree is amongst the most affordable and convenient education options. Based on the course and the university, tuition fees for a Master’s degree can vary between 14,000 Yuan and 48,000 Yuan. Given here is the approximate break up of tuition fees charged for different streams.
Arts subjects: 14,000 - 24,000 Yuan (per year)
Science, Technology, Agriculture, Medicine, Sports subjects: 16,500 - 48,000 Yuan (per year)

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