Take your career graph to a level higher with an internship program in China. Glance through this piece to find internship program opportunities in China.

Internship in China

Powered by an optimistic population, China has grown drastically to be called a dynamic, energetic, and supremely confident nation. The meteoric growth rate and promising returns have played a vital role in attracting companies and individuals from round the globe to open up business ventures in China. As such, China has become an exhilarating, challenging, and fast-growing nation to work in. Representing one of the largest economic powerhouses, China offers students to perform their internship here, only to broaden the intercultural understanding and technical skills. Working under the supervision of a distinguished guide at a multinational company, or even a local Chinese company, will add considerate value to your resume and future career possibilities. Especially for foreigners, China presents superb chances of gaining an internship, particularly in the flourishing cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, and surrounding industrial hubs. Right from accounting to engineering, advertising to hospitality, real estate to education, internship placements are available in a plethora of fields, lasting for 3 to 12 months of duration. The paid internship programs offer a salary varying from 50 Yuan to 100 Yuan, depending upon the intern’s qualification, experience, and the host company. Find out the necessary information for completing the formalities for acquiring an internship program in China.
Internship Programs in China
Eligibility Criteria
  • You should be at least 18 years of age and not more than 30 years to apply for an internship program in China.
  • You should either be enrolled in a study program in a university or must have already graduated in the field of the internship position applied for.
  • In case you have already graduated, you can apply for an internship program within one year of obtaining the degree.
  • You should be able to speak advanced to fluent English. Knowledge of Chinese language is not a compulsory requirement, but will open up more placement options.
  • Previous work experience is not mandatory, but companies prefer candidates with prior experience of working in the related field.
Program Fees
Students from international destinations are welcomed to have a great experience of working in China and get accustomed with the high-quality services and all-around supports provided. Fees for pursuing an internship program can vary largely, based on the duration of the placement, the host company, and location of the company. You may be required to splurge out anywhere between 3600 Yuan and 10,800 Yuan for an internship program in China. Besides, an application fee of 800 Yuan to 1000 Yuan should be submitted along with the application material.
Application Procedure
  • Start browsing through the internet to find companies and organizations that have positions open for interns. Check with their eligibility and compare with your qualifications.
  • Shortlist the organizations that best suit your requirements. However, keep a good number of companies to apply to, as the more positions you apply to, the higher are your chances of getting recruited.
  • Fill the application form or professional internship, along with the application fees and other important documents, such as copy of your passport, health certificate, passport size photos, updated resume, internship essay, academic transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and other credentials required by the company.
  • To secure the position in the company, you will have to make an initial deposit within 10 days after acceptance into the program through international bank transfer, failing which your hiring stands canceled.
  • After the deposit is received by the company, you then have to make the full payment at least 30 days prior to your arrival in China, only through international bank transfer. If you make the payment more than 30 days before your arrival in China, you will be entitled to a discount.
  • Visit your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply for the requisite visa to undergo your internship in China, along with the required documentation. It can take about two months for processing your application and granting you the visa.
  • In case your internship program lasts for six months, you will be issued an F visa. However, if the internship period exceeds six months, the embassy will issue an X visa to you.
  • Book your tickets to China on receipt of your visa and complete other departure details.
  • Board your flight and arrive in China few days before your internship program begins to get introduced to the Chinese culture and local work environment.

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