This page describes the key points about internet based TOEFL. Read on to know about the facts of internet based TOEFL which is preferred by millions of candidates vying for studies abroad.

Internet Based TOEFL

Internet Based Test for TOEFL more popularly known as iBT was introduced way back in 2005. With the growing popularity of this test it is so fast replacing both computer and paper based test that, it has completely rendered computer based test extinct. However paper based test is still available in select few areas.

Internet Based Test or iBT is a 4 ½ hours test which can be taken 30-40 times in a year.

Benefits of TOEFL Internet Based Test

Over 7500 colleges, institutes and other agencies in almost 130 countries accept TOEFL scores. Thus it is a bridge to fulfill your higher education aspirations in top notch foreign institutes.

It is an exam which is held in very high regard in the United States as well as other major English speaking nations. Thus the scores achieved are of a global standard.

With the new found improved spoken English skills the level of confidence of the candidates are boosted. This in turn is a direct predictor of their effective communication skills and hence future success in a fast converting Global Village with English as the common universal language.

Who Accepts TOEFL Internet Based Test

  • Apart from the above mentioned institutes (in paragraph number 3) the following entities also accept TOEFL internet based test:
  • Immigration departments accept TOEFL scores for issuing visas for work and residential purposes.
  • Medical and Licensing departments consider TOEFL score as valid for issuing professional certificates.

Who Is Eligible for Taking TOEFL Internet Based Test

There is no age limit for taking TOEFL and there is no expertise required in any subject academically to take this test. Every year millions of people take it to exhibit their proficiency in English language. The following group of people takes TOEFL internet based test:

  • Students planning to pursue higher studies abroad.
  • Students or employed people applying for visas.
  • Individuals who are planning to apply for English language learning programs.

Test Centers for TOEFL Internet Based Test

There are many test centers all over the world. TOEFL internet based test is accessible to every individual across the world. 

TOEFL iBT Test Format or Test Structure

Internet Based TOEFL Format

Number of Questions
Time Limit
Listening Section
6-9 Passages, 12-14 Questions for each passage
60-90 Minutes
Reading Section
3-5 Passages, 5-6 Questions for each passage
60-100 Minutes
10 Minutes
Speaking Section
6 Tasks, 6 Questions
20 Minutes
Writing Section
2 Tasks, 2 Questions
55 Minutes
Total Time (Including Breaks)
4 ½  Hours

Tips to Prepare for TOEFL Internet Based Test

  • The best study materials are available for TOEFL test in the market and it is accessible even online. The mock tests and practice materials available are highly useful and give exact idea about the real test questions. So make use of them.
  • Having a sound knowledge of English language is vital for TOEFL test so work more on your language skills.
  • Reading varieties of English books and watching movies or programs which has an American accent will help you more in learning the fluency of the language.
  • Time management is the problem faced by many students. So work more on managing time as each section of the test has limited time.
  • Implement required strategies for improving the areas in which you are weak.

Registration and Fee Procedure of TOEFL Internet Based Test

  • The fee for iBT is between US $ 140 and US $ 185 and it varies from country to country. There are many options available to register for the internet based TOEFL test.
  • You can register online as its available 24*7. You can pay the fees with a debit/credit card (American Express, Master Card, VISA, Discover or Master Card).
  • You can register by phone. Download the registration form and call the official centers. The payment can be made from the debit/credit card.
  • You can register by mail by downloading form from official website and choose any mode of payment mentioned in the form.
  • You can register by going to the official test centers in person.

Universities abroad demand higher grades in TOEFL internet based test to provide admissions. So achieving qualifying marks to excel in TOEFL internet based test is the way leading you toward a successful career.

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