TOEFL tests the proficiency of a person in Standard English. Please go through the details on the identification documents for TOEFL registration.

Identification Documents for TOEFL Registration

The term “identification” starts throwing its weight around from the time of our birth. Parents are issued birth certificates briefly after the child was born. From that moment identification has become a never ending process throughout all the aspects of life. During the journeys identification documents acts a “gate pass”. The journeys which is in need of “Papers” (ID proofs) are of many sorts , starting from a work out on the beach of  Bora Bora(French Polynesia) ,to get a commercial license, to apply for an examination etc. Only the forms of ID proofs differ from one to another according to the nation and purpose. In case of entrance exams for international universities like TOEFL, ID proofs should be carried always.

The purpose of TOEFL is to assess the standard and proficiency of non-native speakers of English as a foreign language. This test is taken by the students who want to get an admission in international colleges and universities in any educational programs. Like other tests there is a set of identification documents for TOEFL registration. Those are the documents that are mandatory on the test day. They are penned in the segments detailed below.

Identification Requirements

The ID proofs which a student uses to register with TOEFL should contain the following information:

  • It should contain the same details which he used for registration (name, date of birth)
  • A recent and a clear photograph

There are two forms of ID documents required for TOEFL registration and on the test day viz primary and supplementary ID documents.

Primary TOEFL ID documents

Primary ID proofs varies depending on the test center where you take up the test. Read the details given below.

If a student takes up the TOEFL test within the boundaries of his/her citizenship, the ID forms given below are considered valid:

  • Driver’s license/Passport with a clear photo, name and signature
  • National /Military ID with name, a clear photo and signature
  • State/Province ID which is issued by a motor vehicle agency, with name, a clear photo and signature

If students take up the TOEFL test, outside the boundaries of their citizenship, the following ID forms are considered valid:

  • Passport with name, photo and a clear signature
  • U.S Military ID with name, a photo and a signature. In case if there is no name in the military ID, it should be accompanied by a supplementary ID.

The ID forms differ from one country to another. It is advisable to carry more than one ID when taking up TOEFL test. Please go through the country specified ID forms given below:

  • Valid TOEFL ID Documents accepted in United Kingdom

Passport is the general ID proof accepted by the test centers in UK. In case of the students who have applied for visa extension to the UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency), the following documents should be produced in spite of a passport. They would have surrendered their passports to the Home Office (UKBA) in this case.

  • An official letter from Home office which confirms that the passport was surrendered
  • Supplementary ID proof or a copy of the passport
  • The Institute which the candidate attends should provide a letter of identity confirmation which contains
  • License number of the sponsor institution, with specific information, that they had verified the ID, photo and the signature.
  • The requirements for the confirmation of identity letter namely, recent photo, name, signature, date of birth, date the letter was issued. It must be typed on School’s original letterhead, and the school seal and signature of the school official must overlap the photo.
  • Valid TOEFL ID Documents accepted in Asia-Pacific
  • Passports with name, a recent photograph and signature.
  • Valid TOEFL IDs for European Union/Countries
  • National/European identity card with name, a clear photo and signature.
Note: The Passport identification document should be only in English language and it should contain your signature.

Supplementary ID Requirements

Supplementary ID proofs are also one of the identification requirements during the situations detailed below:

  • Secondary ID proofs or supplementary documents are a need, for the registration and in the test center. If the test administrator questions about the primary ID, supplementary ID proof becomes the need of the hour.
  • When students carry documents like
  • Permanent resident/Resident alien card
  • Temporary resident card
  • Employment authorization card
  • Mexican border crosser card

Note: Mexican border crosser card can be used provided that the test center is 25 miles within the Mexican border.

TOEFL Supplementary ID Documents

There are four general forms of TOEFL secondary ID proofs that are listed below

  • Government-issued ID like driver’s license, state/province ID and military ID card
  • Student ID card

Confirmation identity letter from your institute which contains your name, date of birth, a clear and a recent photograph, signature, name of your institution and the date issued. It should be typed on the original letterhead of the institution, with the seal and the signature of the Institution head overlapping the photo.

Identity proofs reduce the risks of being disqualified for any kind of business, educational activity etc. It’s the source of surveillance to prevent risks. This fits well with exams like TOEFL. When a candidate, who may be of any nationality carries the identification documents for TOEFL registration as mentioned above he gets qualified with the basic requirement, i.e. nobody could falsify his/her identity.

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