This page explores few important key points on how to score high in TOEFL/ Test of English as a Foreign Language.

How To Score High in TOEFL

In this global economy where mastering English language is vital, it is important for you to know how far you stand in understanding the language. TOEFL is a widely used test which assesses your English language skills. TOEFL scores are accepted by 7000 odd universities where English is used as the mode of instruction. Your success in this test is based on 3 important factors, your knowledge, attitude and skills.

Why TOEFL score becomes important?

For achieving professional success in any genre, it is very important to have a good command over the English language. No matter which ever profession or academics you choose, being fluent in English becomes a priority, and TOEFL is the only test which is accepted worldwide. As a matter of fact, there are no short cuts to achieve good scores in this test. You will have to earn it by your hard work. It is advised not to take TOEFL just for the sake of scoring well in exams. Because TOEFL scores will help you in the long run and is beneficial throughout your life as, having excellent communication skills is important in every stage of life.

How to score high in TOEFL 

  • Many test takers of TOEFL fail to achieve good scores even if they are the natives of English speaking countries. It is necessary to prove that you have the ability to learn and use the language effectively. Here are few important strategies which will help you in scoring high in TOEFL:
  • To start with, if you are good in speaking your mother tongue fluently, it is easy for you to learn English also because you know the basic requirements of learning a language.
  • Every time you listen to a radio station, audio tape, reading newspapers or even writing mails or communicating with other person will gradually increase your skills in the learning process.
  • Having good vocabulary skills is very important as the test is language based and it is important you get your skills improved in using idioms and prepositions. If you are familiar with vocabulary you will need to just brush up our grammar.
  • Translating words from mother tongue to English is not the right way to learn the language. Instead, learn new words everyday by using an English-English dictionary.
  • TOEFL does not concentrate on one single subject, so make sure you learn wide range of key words of all possible topics.
  • Memorizing the words doesn’t help much as it can’t be used unless the answer demands it. So learn the words as it comes in the context and learn using it appropriately.
  • There are ample numbers of study materials available online and in book stores. It helps you in learning process so refer as many boos as possible.

Note: While browsing through websites or book stores you may find books named “TOEFL Vocabulary” which claims to teach you the essential words or phrases to be used in TOEFL. Do not believe it as there are no such official books from TOEFL test makers.

  • TOEFL test judges your proficiency only in using the English language in right context in academics and it does not test your memorizing skills in vocabulary. So concentrate more on the accurate usage of language rather than memorizing long lists of irrelevant vocabulary terms.
  • The TOEFL test makers offer many online practice tests which are highly recommended for all test takers as it reflects the real test format and questions which help the candidates to understand the exact test format and gear up for the real test. It also improves your accent in English language.
  • If you are not very sure of your skills in English language skills, you can attend the courses and classes which are conducted for attending this test. When you enroll for such classes make sure you are taught about English skills, vocabulary and applied grammar. 
  • TOEFL test has time limit for each section so it is crucial that you attend each question quickly and also maintain the accuracy at the same time. You cannot to afford to spend more time on every question so learning time management is the main concern and it can be leant by working on more practice tests.

The preparation process for scoring high in TOEFL can be divided into 3 phases:

  • The first phase is all about improving your vocabulary skills and learning new words.
  • The second phase is effectively utilizing the skills learnt in your day to day activities.
  • The last phase is taking online tests which will help you in identifying the sections in which you are weak and improving it.
Remember, scoring in TOEFL is not a matter of luck. Only by implementing a systematic approach for preparation will take you to greater heights.

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