You must register first only through Pearson VUE server and then follow the corresponding steps. Read on to know the registration procedure for LNAT.

Registration Procedure For LNAT

You need to create an LNAT account on its official website (  In this step, you are supposed to submit your information details in your application for applying to the universities. Create a user name and password for the same. Ready your UCAS (Universities and College Admissions service) form, which is for your official application for seeking higher education in the UK. The official website for that is ( You have the liberty of attaching your UCAS form later in your profile.

How To Register For LNAT

  • After you are done with the account creation, then you need to make an appointment for the test, choose a test center and pay your fees.
  • Acceptable credit cards are Master Card, American Express or JCB, a debit card (only VISA) or an LNAT e-voucher. E-voucher is a facility provided by LNAT consortium, if you do not have an access to major credit cards.
  • You need to send a fill the form for LNAT and attach a cheque to it.  Within ten days, your application will be processed and you will receive intimation and further instructions in your mail.
  • The registration for LNAT applications begins in August 1 and UCAS application form begins till September 1. Test sittings for LNAT begin in Sept 1.
  • You should not sit in the examination before August as your score will not be taken forward.
  • If you want to apply to Oxford University, then you should register and book for LNAT by October, 15th. An UCAS application should be sent till October 15th as well.
  • The last deadline for the forms is till January 30thof an year.
  • All the payment is taken care by Pearson VEU.

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