LNAT is a computer-adaptive test and it has time duration of 2 hours. Read on to know about LNAT-computerized exam.

LNAT Computerized Exam

A computerized exam takes lesser time in execution as compared to a traditional pen-paper based. LNAT checks your intellectual knowledge skills and does not much require your academic strength. You should read lot of stuff related to law, politics and environment, so that you could do well in the exam. Read on to know what the type of LNAT exam is.

What Is The Type Of LNAT Exam?

  • You need to write your essays with the help of key board, but you have the option of editing it and then finally submitting it.
  • You should practice thoroughly on a computer as it will enhance your typing speed and will save a lot of time.
  • If you want to take notes, then a small white board and a marker, then you are availed with the same in your test center.
  • You cannot use electronic dictionaries while taking the exam, nor can u take the help of other accessories.

More in LNAT Test


    LNAT is an online test, done in duration of around 2 hours. Read on to know the FAQ LNAT.

  • General Instructions For LNAT

    Instructions for taking an exam are a must to be followed. Read on to know some general instructions for LNAT.

  • Good Score in LNAT

    The better knowledge you have in politics, environment and law, more you will score. Read on to know ways to get good score in LNAT.

  • Registration Procedure For LNAT

    You must register first only through Pearson VUE server and then follow the corresponding steps. Read on to know the registration procedure for LNAT.

  • LNAT Fees

    The fee for the LNAT exam is shared between the candidate and the university to which one applies. Read on to know about LNAT fees.