LNAT is an online test, done in duration of around 2 hours. Read on to know the FAQ LNAT.


Some last minute quick updates can be much more relieving than you might expect. Even if you want fast information about your test centre location and want to contact them, it is all just a click away. You need not bother and just can browse through those detailed chunk of highlights in one shot. Read on to know the FAQ’S for the LNAT.

FAQ'S For the LNAT

1) If I am not from UK, even then I can apply for the exam?
A) Yes, now LNAT is open to all overseas applicants.
2) Where are the test centers in India for LNAT?
A) You can find out your test center location by visiting the link- http://bit.ly/testcenters
3) I am a graduate and want to take an undergraduate law degree as a second degree. Should I still take the LNAT?
A) Yes, you can still take the test.
4) What time of the year, can I take the test?
A) The test registration begins in August and ends in January. The exam can be taken in June.
5) How long is the LNAT paper?
A) The LNAT paper is for 2 hours.
6) What is the length of words for the essay section?
A) The essay is required to be written in about 500-650 words.
7) Is paper available for rough text?
A) No paper is available for rough work; however a white board with a marker is available in your workstation.
8) Can reference books be consulted at the time of the exam?
A) No
9) What is the total score for the exam?
A) The Exam is scored out of 30.
10)  Then can I get my score?
A) The scores are mailed to you within 15 days.

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