The fee for the LNAT exam is shared between the candidate and the university to which one applies. Read on to know about LNAT fees.


The fee for LNAT is GBP 60 which is approximately 4085.42 INR. The fees for the LNAT exam depend upon the test center and not on the location of your residence or nationality. The fees for the course are always charged in GBP (Great Britain Pounds). The fees is payable online at the time of booking for the test. Read on to know more about test fee for LNAT.

Test Fee For LNAT

  • The system for the LNAT is very flexible and it gives you liberty in each and every step. You will be billed as per your credit card’s company policies and not as done in UK.
  • Even if you don’t have accessibility to the required credit cards, you can always send a cheque and can even hand over the cash. In return you get an electronic voucher.
  • The electronic voucher which you get in return contains a number which ought to be entered at the time of registration.
  • Switch/Maestro card is not acceptable for paying the online fees, so you should check the type of credit card you are likely to pay with.

More in LNAT Test


    LNAT is an online test, done in duration of around 2 hours. Read on to know the FAQ LNAT.

  • General Instructions For LNAT

    Instructions for taking an exam are a must to be followed. Read on to know some general instructions for LNAT.

  • Good Score in LNAT

    The better knowledge you have in politics, environment and law, more you will score. Read on to know ways to get good score in LNAT.

  • LNAT Computerized Exam

    LNAT is a computer-adaptive test and it has time duration of 2 hours. Read on to know about LNAT-computerized exam.

  • Registration Procedure For LNAT

    You must register first only through Pearson VUE server and then follow the corresponding steps. Read on to know the registration procedure for LNAT.