French government offers various scholarships to international students interested in PhD programs. Read more about the PhD programs in France in following article.

PhD in France

Since the evolution of modern science and technology, France has posted a significant presence in mankind’s progress. France has continuously produced eminent scientists, thinkers and educationalist who have immensely contributed in the field of science and education. The education system of France is amongst the most efficient and unique systems in the world and is the prominent reason for the technological advancement of the country. Education has played an important role in making France the fourth largest economy in the world. There are several universities and institutions in the country which provide higher education. These universities are funded and regulated by the government. The French government spends 20 percent of its annual budget on education. The main emphasis is given on the research and training of the students and providing them one of the best research facilities. PhD courses provided by the institutions in the country are known for their high research standards. Government provides various scholarships on these courses. Read further to know more about PhD programs in France.
PhD Programs in France
Degree Structure
The research training given to the PhD students in France generally involves two or three different levels. The first part leads to the description of a PhD preparation towards DEA Diploma, the second part contributes to the major PhD degree preparation and the third part helps in the preparation of post-PhD section. The duration of PhD degree depends on the individual topic and the nature of research work.
Eligibility Criteria
  • PhD programs are open to applicants showing evidence of strong intellectual ability, sincere commitment to and interest in academic work and teaching. Students are expected to demonstrate basic knowledge in their respective area of research. Candidates can show a master's degree with appropriate research component as evidence of their intellectual ability.
  • French universities prefer candidates with sufficient experience of individual research in their respective fields.  
  • Students from non native English speaking countries are required to show proof of English proficiency. They must present an acceptable IELTS or TOEFL score.
  • A valid passport.
Course Duration
A candidate of PhD program is expected to pursue the study and research under supervision for a period normally equivalent to three years. However, the duration of PhD degree depends on the individual topic and the nature of research work and sometimes takes more time than three years.
Application Procedure 
  • Candidates are required to completely fill the application form with all relevant information.
  • They need to submit two official or certified copies of academic transcripts of the post-secondary studies from all previously attended universities. These transcripts must show the degree awarded.
  • Additionally, candidates need to send two confidential letters of recommendation on institutional letterhead from professors. These letters must have current dates and should be sent directly by the referees to the university.
  • The candidate also needs to attach a letter of application describing the proposed research topic, potential supervisor, and expected professional directions.
  • Along with the complete curriculum vitae, the applicant needs to send a short summary of the proposed research topic, describing the main research topics, and ways in which the research could be conducted.
Course Fee

Government of France offer scholarships to international students for their PhD programs. Some of the government funding may be available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provides variety of scholarships and grants to international students. French Ministry of Education also provides research grants to aspiring students. Candidates who are interested in PhD programs should do some online research to know more about these scholarships schemes.

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