A Masters Degree from an esteemed French university can do wonders to your resume. To know more about postgraduate programs in France, read following article.

Masters Degree in France

It is a globally accepted fact that universities of Europe are amongst the most prestigious institutions of the world that offer highest level of educational and research standards. These universities are known for their long and impressive history of producing leading personalities, who contributed significantly in various fields. However, there is wide difference in the educational systems between countries of Europe. Also, the education cost varies greatly from country to country. While you may have to pay £ 9000 a year in a UK university, a French University may charge you as less as 180 Euros per year for a first degree. One of the main reasons for such low education cost in France is that the French government sponsors higher education in the country. The Ministry of Education of France regulates all the public universities and few private institutions in France. For admissions in postgraduate programs in universities and specialized institutions, students have to give highly competitive entrance exams. Qualifying the same they get a seat at the university. Read more to know the whole procedure for admission in Masters Degree in France.
Masters Degree in France
Graduation Education in France
  • In France, higher education is divided into two major categories: Public universities and Grandes ecoles.
  • Grandes ecoles are specialized institutes that provide education in only one subject in which students can specialize. Grandes ecoles enroll hundreds of French and international students each year. These schools are known to have rigorous education curriculums including several hours of study and regular oral examinations with professors.
  • Public Universities in France offer wide varieties of courses to a greater population. Courses at public universities can generally last for up to 4 years. Short-term courses at these universities usually go on for 2 years and prepare students for a specialist field.
Degree Structure
After the advent of the Bologna Process in French Universities, the traditional master's degrees DEA and DESS have been replaced by degrees of Research Master (Master Recherche) and Professional Master (Master Professionnel). The first degree program prepares students for PhD studies, while the second type is for professional life. A Research or Professional Master program is a 2-year postgraduate training usually done after 3-year training called the Licence (Bachelor's degree). The first year of the Master is commonly known as "Master 1" (M1), whereas the second year of the Masters degree is called a "Master 2" (M2).
Academic Calendar
The academic year in educational institutions of France runs from mid-September till the end of June next year. Some institutions in France admit students for spring, summer or winter semesters. Students should apply two months in advance for the desired courses.  
Subjects for Bachelor Degree
Medicine, Geography, Sociology, Linguistics, Pharmacology, Art History, Comparative Literature, Film Studies, French Studies, Global Communications History, International Economics, International Finance, European and Mediterranean Cultures, Information and Communication Technologies, International Business Administration International and Comparative Politics, Literary Studies and Creative Arts and Psychology.
Admissions Requirements
  • Students who want to study postgraduate degrees at universities of France must have a French baccalaureat or equivalent degree and should have passed the university entrance exam in their respective home countries.
  • For admission in grandes ecoles, students need to have baccalaureat or equivalent diploma. Generally students need to undergo very competitive entrance examinations and are given ranking on the basis of results obtained from exams.
  • Students looking for postgraduate courses in France need to submit official transcripts from institutions that they have attended post secondary school, with complete details of the subjects and other details like correspondence courses, diplomas etc.
  • International students are also required to submit their IELTS/ TOEFL scores as a proof of their English proficiency.
  • Complete application form duly filled in all sections.
  • A valid passport for the time period of your course in France.
Application Procedure
  • For postgraduate study in France, you can directly download the application form of the universities from their respective websites. Application forms for the universities can also be received from the French Embassy in your respective countries.
  • Completely fill the application form with all relevant information. Send the complete application form along with all supporting documentation to the Enrolment Office of the respective institution before the closing date of application process.
  • To study in grande ecoles, you have to appear for a competitive exam, Concours, which is conducted in France. To appear for this particular exam, you can apply for a special three-month competitive exam visa (visa concours). Only after clearing the exam, you will be provided with a residence permit to take the course.
Tuition Fees
In France, tuition fees for the postgraduate courses vary from institution to institution and also between courses. For university studies you may have to pay tuition fees of € 110 - € 750 per annum for a course, whereas public engineering schools may charge you approximately € 490 for a course. Private institutions (engineering and business schools) have comparatively higher educational fees of about € 3600 - € 14,300 for a course.

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