Interested in scaling up your career graph with an internship program in France? Read the following article to know more about the internship programs in France.

Internship in France

France is one of the developed countries and also the fourth wealthiest country in the world. It is a member of G8 group of leading industrialized countries. The country is the home of 39 of the top 500 companies of the world. France is a mixed economy and has an extensive number of private companies that are growing every day, along with substantial presence of state and government enterprises. France provides great opportunities for career growth with its high level of education and research standards. Internship programs in France offer an excellent opportunity for both students and recent graduates to merge the academic credit and international work experience at some of most predominant organizations. These internship programs are important for developing skills and providing working experience necessary for future career growth. Students are given internship programs in their area of interests. Some of the common organizations for internship programs include ministries, the Parliament, social agencies, local and regional governments, cultural organizations, political parties, the media and NGOs. Read further to know more about internship programs in France.
Internship in France
Eligibility Criteria
  • To apply for internship program, the candidate must have previous work experience or past coursework in internship field.
  • The candidate must be of 18 years or more and currently enrolled in an accredited college/university in France.  
  • The candidate has to show the support and recommendation of his/her learning institution.
  • The candidate should have intermediate level of English (minimum IELTS 6.0 or equivalent). Knowledge of French will be very helpful.
  • The candidate must be open to foreign cultures and living abroad. He/she must be dedicated to the full term of commitment.
  • Every candidate need to pass the interview process and complete all application requirements.
  • The candidate is required to have a valid visa.
Program Fees
Internship programs are available for the duration of 8 weeks to 12 weeks, for which the candidate needs to pay between USD 5665 to USD 6880. The internship program offers the following:
  • Internship Placement in your Field of Interest: The candidate will be provided with an internship offer that matches his/her requested preferences. 
  • Four Weeks French Language Lessons: The internship program would include 4 weeks of group language lessons (80 hours per week).
  • Accommodations: The candidate will be given appropriate housing with a carefully selected host family in Paris, Nice, or Montpelier. There are other optional accommodations available such as: student dormitories, apartments, or budget hotels.  
  • Visa Assistance: The candidate will be given assistance in obtaining visa from French immigration.
  • Arrival Assistance: The program fees include arrival assistance, providing detailed instructions for France's easy and convenient public transportation. The candidate may be provided with an optional airport or train station pick-up and transfer.
  • Travel Insurance: Program fees include basic traveler's insurance with medical coverage. At a little extra cost, additional policies and premium plans are also available.
  • Pre-Departure Kit: The candidate will be provided with useful tips, advice, and information to prepare himself/herself for the amazing adventure of living and working abroad.
Application Procedure
  • Download the application form and procedure documents from the respective sites of internship providing institutes. 
  • You need to submit these documents with your application: complete updated resume with a latest photograph, cover letter in French and English describing the field of work and the reason to pursue an internship, recent academic transcripts.
  • You have to submit two written testimonials/letters of recommendation from a professor, previous internship company or employer. You may have to present copy of your final qualification (graduates) and portfolio for some fields of placement.
  • After receiving your application and all relevant documents, the placement company will arrange an interview with you.
  • On successful completion of the interview, you will be notified of your acceptance for the internship program, after which you have to pay the program fees.
  • Upon receiving your program fees, the company will arrange your placement in the respective field of interest.

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