Looking for an admission in an Italian university? Go through this article to learn about the top universities of Italy and decide for yourself which one serves your interest best.

Top Universities of Italy

Italy, the land of churches, pizzas, and pastas, is slowly but surely gaining a reputation as a popular study destination with many international students now seeking admission in some of the top universities that are based here. At present, there are 89 universities in Italy which are further classified as State Universities (58), Non State Universities (17), Universities for Foreigners (2), High Schools, specializing in postgraduate studies (6), and Telematic Universities (6). Together, they provide some of the most sought-after courses in art & design, cooking, fashion, and language courses, along with other renowned programs in hotel and catering, social sciences and humanities, legal studies, politics, and international affairs. Moreover, the programs and courses offered by the Italian universities are comparatively cheaper than courses offered in UK and US with a living environment that is considered safe for international students. A list of top universities in Italy has been provided below with little briefing. Read on to know more about them.
Top Universities of Italy
The University of Bologna
The University of Bologna, commonly referred to as UNIBO, is the oldest university in the world and is still operating. It was established at the end of 11th century in the year 1088 and the word “Universitas” was first used in the world upon its foundation. Many different courses in first degrees, second level degrees, specialization diplomas, research doctorates, and other fully fledged 5-6 years duration of programs are offered in as many as 23 different faculties; from Agriculture to Veterinary Medicine. The university has a student base of around 100,000 students.
Sapienza University of Rome
The Sapienza University of Rome, officially known as Sapienza – Universita di Roma, is a coeducational, autonomous state university of Rome. Established in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, it is the largest university in Europe with a history of 700 years and 145,000 students and over 4,500 professors. The university offers 300 degree programs and 250 one and two year professional courses in 23 different faculties; from aerospace engineering to statistics. The university also has 30 centers devoted to scientific research and more than 150 PhD programs, which cover almost all of major fields of knowledge.
University of Padua
The University of Padua, generally referred to as UNIPD is one Italy’s most premier university located in the city of Padua. Established in the year 1222, UNIPD is one of the earliest universities in the world and is the second oldest in Italy. The university offers 90 first degree courses, 80 second degree courses, and many specialization degree courses and doctoral courses. The university has been divided into 13 faculties: Agriculture Sciences, Arts & Philosophies, Education, Engineering, Law, Sciences, Pharmacy, Political Sciences, Psychology, Statistical Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Medical School, and School of Economics and Business Administration.
Politecnico di Milano
Politecnico di Milano was established in the year 1863 and is the largest technical university in Italy. According to 2010 QS world rankings, it has been adjudged as the best technical university in Italy and 18th in Europe. As per 2010, the university had a student base of more than 26,000 students and a staff of over 1,300 professors and researchers. The university has been divided into 16 departments, 9 schools, and 7 regional campuses. It offers several exchange and double-degree programmes besides 2 three-year Bachelor of Science degree programmes, 10 Master of Science degree programmes, 12 Specialization Master’s programmes and 24 Doctoral programmes that are entirely taught in English.
University of Pisa
The University of Pisa was established in the year 1343 by Pope Clemet VI and is one of the oldest universities in Italy. The university has been divided into 11 faculties: Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Foreign Languages & Literature, Law, Letters & Philosophy, Mathematics Physics & Natural Sciences, Medicine & Surgery, Pharmacy, Political Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine; with significant number of courses being offered to the students. The university is consistently rated one of the best in Italy and in Europe by many ranking agencies. At present, the university has a student base of around 57,000 students in all the courses combined.
University of Florence
The University of Florence, established in the year 1321 and located in Florence is one of the largest, oldest, and finest research organization in Italy with about 2,000 researchers and professors. The university has been divided into 12 faculties: Agriculture, Architecture, Arts, Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Mathematics Physics & Natural Sciences, Medicine & Surgery, Pharmacology, Political Science, and Psychology with 139 undergraduate courses and significant number of master’s courses, training courses, and research doctorates.
University of Pavia
The University of Pavia, commonly referred to as UNIPV, was established in the year 1361 and is located in Pavia, Lombardy. It is one of the oldest research universities in Europe that offers a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching organized in nine faculties: Economics, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Literature & Philosophy, Medicine & Surgery, Science, Political Science, and Musicology. Under each faculty, a range of first level degree (bachelors), second level degrees (masters), and long second level degree courses are offered to the students.
University of Trento
The University of Trento, established in the year 1962, is a small but the most virtuous universities in Italy (according to the Italian Ministry of Education). The university has been divided into 6 faculties: Economics, Engineering, Cognitive Services, Arts & Humanities, Mathematical Physical & Natural Sciences, and Sociology; and 3 schools: School of Internaitonal Studies, School of Social Sciences, and School on Local Development. The university offers more than 70 courses in total, including undergraduate courses, 1 year master’s courses, 2 years master’s courses, and 5 years master’s courses.
University of Trieste
The University of Trieste (UNITS), although created in the year 1877 was officially established in the year 1924. The university has been divided into 12 faculties: Architecture, Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Humanities & Philosophy, Mathematics Physics & Natural Sciences, Medicine & Surgery, Pharmacy, Political Sciences, Psychology, and Modern Languages. The university offers a wide range of courses and currently has over 23,000 students and around 1,000 professors.
University of Rome Tor Vergata
The University of Rome Tor Vergata is a public university located in Rome and was established in the year 1982. The university offers subjects in all the courses combined: first level degrees, second level degrees, post graduate courses, first level masters, second level masters, PhD programs, professional training courses, and summer courses; and have been divided into 6 schools: Economics, Engineering, Humanities Arts Social Sciences, Law, Medicine & Surgery, and Science. The university is one of the largest research based universities in Italy with a student base of around 44,000 and working staff of more than 1,500 professionals.

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