MBA in Italy provides just the kind required to survive in rapidly expanding business world. Explore this article to acquire all the relevant information on MBA programs in Italy.

MBA in Italy

Many of the prospective students around the world focus their attention on United Kingdom and United States when it comes to taking up an MBA program from an international study destination. No doubt, they’re of the highest quality and provide a practical real work setting experience to the students, but that is not to stay that other popular study nations of the world are any lesser of the providers of global education. Europe, especially Italy, has gained a global reputation as being one of the hot spots for students to pursue an MBA degree in a specialization of their choice. What more can an eager student want than to learn the finesse of managerial skills in English (the global business language), while learning a new language (Italian) at the same time and availing the long term benefits that wait in vicinity. Add to that each place coming alive with the history attached to it, a vibrant food culture, and panoramic scenery; you wouldn’t want to miss the chance, would you? Proceed further to get information about the MBA programs in Italy: the course structure, the admission requirements, and the application procedure.
Degree Recognition
The MBA programs offered in Italy with their elaborate theoretical and practical approach provide the students with an international learning experience and the degree, which is recognized by employers on a global scale.
Degree Structure
MBA programs are offered by many universities and private business schools in Italy and are generally of 1 year duration. The unique program model not only imparts the students with theoretical and practical concepts of international management, but blends creativity with solid entrepreneurship and harnesses decision making and management concepts. The regular full time and part time program is generally divided into three stages: the first consists of core curriculum which is compulsory for every student; in the second stage each student can choose elective subjects according to individual interest; and in the third stage students get a chance to make use of all the knowledge by working on a business project or internship. That’s not all; these programs are tailor made to suit the needs of the adults who’re working or for whom time or money is a constraint as there are full time MBA, part time MBA, executive MBA, distant leaning MBA, and online MBA programs that are on the offer. And for a student to be eligible for an MBA program in Italy, he/she must hold a 1st cycle degree (bachelor’s degree) from Italy or an equivalent qualification of 3 years duration from an overseas country plus work experience and motivation to go the distance.
Quantitative Methods for Managers; Applied Microeconomics; Strategic Management; Financial Accounting; Corporate Finance; Marketing Management; International Business Management; Managerial Accounting; Operations & Supply Chain Management; International Political Analysis; Macroeconomics and Global Markets; Organization & Human Resources Management; International Marketing; Strategic Innovation; Business Planning and Venture Finance; Managing in Emerging Markets; New Product Development; Valuations; Financial Derivatives; International Marketing Research; Business Negotiations; Risk Management; E-Commerce and Internet Marketing; Foreign Language – Italian.
Admission Requirements
  • Students are required to submit original or certified copies of the transcripts of grades and other related documents acquired from the college or university in which they have successfully completed the course. Details like grades in individual subjects, the type of degree, date of graduation should all be covered in the documents.
  • Students should convert the marks or grades obtained in the previous qualification according to the grading system that is followed in Italy. College or university authorities can be contacted by the students for the same.
  • The certified copies of the transcripts and related documents should be certified by a person or authority that is recognized by the law of the student’s home country. It would help if the students can submit the documents translated in Italian language from a qualified and recognized translator or authority, along with the ones in original language of course.
  • Most of the MBA programs in Italy are offered in English language; therefore, it is necessary for the students to be proficient in all forms of English language: reading, writing, speaking, and understanding. If English is not any student’s first language, he/she must appear and clear an IELTS or TOEFL exam organized in the student’s home country.
  • Passing the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a must for a student to be eligible for an MBA program in Italy. Although there's no terms on the minimum score required for admission, a high score is expected out of the student.
  • On a general basis, the universities and business schools in Italy prefer their students to have a few years of work experience. Although, freshers with exceptional academic background, test scores, and strong personality are also admitted. Those who’re experienced are required to submit a detailed CV and work experience letter or certificate.
  • A letter of recommendation or reference from the people, whom the student knows professionally or academically, also needs to be provided to the university or college authorities. Two are recommended.
  • Finally, all students have to clear a personal interview conducted by the university or college authorities to secure an admission.
Application Procedure
  • Students should begin with the university or college searching well before the closing dates of receiving the applications.
  • Applications can either be filled online or be downloaded and used as regular forms; either way, the supported documents and transcripts will have to be airmailed to the university or college.
  • It will take a month or two for the university or college authorities to get back to the student on the validity of the application and the documents.
Tuition Fees
The tuition fee for an MBA program varies according to the type of program (full time, part time etc) and university or business school. However, students can expect a fee structure of anywhere between € 20,000 and € 40,000. Financial aid, scholarships, and fee waivers are also provided.

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