The article provides information on various requirements and procedure to apply for a student visa for Italy. Students planning to take up higher education in Italy should go through it.

Student Visa for Italy

Off late, Italy has gained a reputation of being a popular study destination in Europe and in the world. Many European and non European students from the world come to Italy to pursue further education. Not only are the courses great in numbers (1st degree programs, 2nd degree programs, Doctoral degree programs, and many other), covering almost all disciplines of study; the cost of study is more on affordable terms when compared to say UK or US but not without an equally well supported and modernized teaching infrastructure. But of course, traveling to Italy to gain higher education requires a student’s visa to be gained first by the students. The process is bound to take around two months or more; therefore, students should start with the procedure well in advance before the date they plan on arriving in Italy. The students can have access to all the information there is to be acquired from the Italian Consulates or Embassies located in different countries of the world, and then fill up an application form for a student’s visa at the same. To help you get going, information and details regarding acquiring a student’s visa has been mentioned below. Make sure to give it a read.
Student Visa for Italy
Documents Required
  • A valid identity card and a valid passport/travel document(s) with visa
  • Money—cash, traveler’s cheques, credit card, all of which are to be kept safe by the student
  • Health documents and other documents related to student’s health insurance
  • Letter of acceptance from the university
  • Documentary proof that the student has enough financial means to support himself/herself during the duration of the course and the subsequent period of stay in Italy
  • Document(s) confirming the student’s accommodation details
  • Any other document can also be asked by the Italian University or the Consulate depending on student’s status, citizenship, whether he/she is a full time student or an exchange student
Visa Requirements
  • Two recent passport size photographs; more should be kept ready in case need be
  • One application form duly completed and signed at the Italian Consulate
  • Passport valid for three months over planned stay in Italy
  • A copy of the passport page containing holder’s data and those mentioning an extension of validity
  • A letter of acceptance from school or university in Italy indicating place, duration of the course, fee structure, date of attendance, and starting date and end date of the course
  • A letter addressed to this Italian Consulate, stating that the student owns a private means of support
  • If the student is a recipient of financial aid or a scholarship, he/she is required to submit document(s) or statement(s) stating the same.
  • A letter from the bank indicating the account number, financial status, and balance. The letter must be signed by a bank official;
Health Insurance Documentary Statement
Before leaving for Italy and when applying for a student’s visa, the student is required to provide the evidence of his/her capability to meet all the possible medical expenses and is required to obtain any one of the following:
  • A statement from the Italian Consulate or Embassy confirming that the student is entitled to medical care in accordance with an agreement between Italy and student’s home country.
  • A private health insurance policy in the student’s home country. Thereafter, he/she needs to obtain a statement of its validity in Italy from the Italian Consulate. This statement must describe the length and types of services covered.
  • An Italian health insurance policy from an Italian body such as Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (INA) which, as an agreement with the Italian Ministry of Health offers a special insurance policy to cover medical expenses of the non-EU students. A detailed report has to be acquired if the policy has been taken by the student from a health insurance provider other than INA.
After all the documentary evidence has been provided and essential visa requirements are met; the Italian Embassy or consulate will provide the student with the confirmation regarding issuance of student’s visa to Italy. Students are advised to start with the procedures well ahead of time of visit to the country. For more details like application fee for student’s visa to Italy or any other queries; the student can contact the Italian Embassy via telephone or by making a personal visit to their local office.
Residential Permit
All non-EU students who plan to study in Italy for duration longer than 3 months are required to apply for the residential permit. Upon students’ arrival in Italy, they are required to report to the police station within 8 days of their arrival and then apply for the residential permit within the same period. The application form can be obtained from any post office in Italy and after completion, along with application fee and other fee, is required to be submitted to the post office. The application fee is € 27.50 plus € 15 for the stamps and € 30 for the process of application. Documents needed to apply for the residential permit are given below:
  • A photocopy of the certificate showing the study program enrolled in, endorsed by the Italian embassy or consulate where the student submitted application for studies in Italy
  • A copy of the pages in the passport where personal data can be read
  • Four recent passport-sized photographs
  • A copy of health insurance plan
  • A bank statement or copy of the grant/scholarship stating the ability of the student to support himself financially throughout the duration of the course
  • Documentary evidence confirming the accommodation details
After the application process for residential permit has been completed by the post office, the student will be intimated by the police to collect the residential permit and submit any additional documents if required.

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