Planning to come to Italy for further studies and want to know about the studying and other living costs? Go through this piece of writing on Cost of Studying in Italy to know more.

Study Cost in Italy

At present, Italy is the eighth most developed and industrialized country in the world with an education system that’s slowly catching up with the very best in the world. As per the Bologna Process that is being implemented all over Europe, Italy was one of the four countries the first joined hands to create “European Area of higher Education”. It is home to the oldest and some of the finest universities in the world with many courses offered in all disciplines. Students who dream of studying in internationally esteemed universities but can afford the high cost of education and living in UK and US can turn to Italy for good. As not only are the courses that are offered here are cheaper, but the support services provided to international students is just as it is provided to the Italian students: purely on the basis of financial availability and merit. And not to forget the high standard of living with all the basic amenities, and leisurely requirements & services that is in place. Read further to equip yourself with information about the study and other costs in Italy.
Study Cost in Italy
Tuition Fees
  • Many of the universities and other higher education institutions in Italy establish their own fee structure and it varies from university to university. However, in case of university education there is a legal minimum fee for enrolment and maximum level for student contributions to costs and services, which cannot exceed 20% of state funding.
  • Depending on which university the student is applying and in which course, the average fee will be anywhere between € 850 and € 1,000. Also, keep in mind that the private universities will be much more expensive than the government funded universities.
  • Fees for other specialization courses and higher degree programs, including the PhD program is much higher and varies according to the university. The PhD students who receive grant from the university aren’t required to pay any fees but the non-grant holders do.
  • Student assistance in terms of scholarships, student loans, housing assistance, refectory meal tickets, and fee waivers are provided to both international and Italian students on the basis of some requisite financial means or merit.
  • Students in need of any information can contact the Diritto allo studio universitario (DSU) office as all these services are managed by it. DSU offices also provide information on things like extracurricular activities, sports, transport, and other matters.
Living Costs
The cost of living in Italy varies considerably depending on which part of Italy the student will live in. Almost all of the main cities and tourist places, especially the ones located in the north of Italy are comparatively more expensive than other cities and smaller towns of the country.
Accommodation Costs
Though universities in Italy generally do not have halls of residence or hostels; almost all universities have a housing department or office that manages accommodation for students. These departments also provide information on apartments for rent that are comparatively cheaper than the ones available in the private market. These student accommodations have an added benefit that the student can choose to rent either the whole apartment or just a room. However, if a student decides to go for apartment searching on his/her own, the rent can be anywhere between € 300 and € 1,000 depending on size of the apartment and in which part of Italy it is situated. Local newspapers regularly host apartment listing which the students can make use of. Taking accommodation, food, telephone, local travel, and leisure & entertainment into consideration; students can expect a monthly budget of minimum € 350, depending on the location of Italy the student is residing in.
Health Insurance
All non European Union students, before leaving their home country, need to take out private health insurance and obtain a declaration by the consulate of its validity in Italy, as medical treatment in Italy without coverage is very expensive. Students who are European citizens can make use of the European Health Insurance Card, which provides benefits to them during their temporary stay in other member states. The students can request for their health insurance card from the local health authorities.

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