Are you interested in study programs in New Zealand and looking for student visa? Read the following article to know all relevant information about getting student visa for New Zealand.

Student Visa for New Zealand

Many of us dream of studying abroad in prestigious universities. Every student wants to secure a seat at the Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford, but very few of them actually are able to do so in these esteemed universities. While for some scores elude, for others it is the high cost that makes them look somewhere else. Students looking for less expensive options to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad can find solace in the fact that New Zealand is one country which offers world-class education at affordable rates. Not only does the county offer the benefits of a developed nation with the charm of a quiet and peaceful countryside, but it is also home to some prestigious universities and colleges that provide cheaper educational courses than most of the countries of the world. If you have made up your mind to study at New Zealand, one amongst the other basic requirements would be a student visa. Wondering how to get student visa for New Zealand? Here's how. This article will help you with the basic steps and requirements for getting student visa for New Zealand.  
Student Visa for New Zealand
Don’t Need Student Visa If
  • You are a citizen of New Zealand or Australia or hold a New Zealand residence permit. Also, visa is not required if you are holder of a current Australian permanent residence visa including a current Australian resident return visa.
  • You are interested in studying only a single short course of less than three calendar months duration. If you are approved or exempted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), then you do not need a student visa and should apply for a visitor visa.
Requirements for Student Visa for New Zealand
  • One of the very basic things to get student visa is the written offer of a place, which notifies you being accepted by an educational institution in New Zealand.
  • You will be also required to present a receipt for payment of course fees. However you will not be asked to produce the receipt before your application has been approved. In case you are getting exemption from the fees, you have to show the evidence that you are exempted from course fees.
  • A complete and signed ‘Application for Student Visa’ form along with a passport-size photograph. With the application form, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable student visa application fee.
  • You will also need to show a guarantee of your accommodation that can be a written assurance from an educational institution or a person who is providing suitable residential accommodation to you in New Zealand.
  • Your passport or certificate of identity is mandatory and it must be valid for the time period for which you are applying to study.
  • You will also require showing evidences of your funds for your maintenance throughout your stay. For this either you can show a complete ‘Sponsoring a student’ form, in which your sponsor gives a financial guarantee that he or she can transfer NZ $7,000 to New Zealand every year. Otherwise you can also show a letter from your educational institution confirming that you have already paid your expenses as a part of your fees. Other proofs may include a bank document showing that funds of the required amount will be available to you in New Zealand.
  • If you intending to study in New Zealand for more than 24 months, you will require a complete New Zealand Immigration service medical and chest X-ray certificates. Apart from these documents, you will need to show character clearances. In case you are under 17 years of age, you have to show two original character references and if you are 17 and over, you have to show a local police clearance.
Rules Regarding Student Visa
Full Time Study
  • If you are applying for full time courses, you may be granted a student permit for up to a maximum of four years period for which you have paid course fees.
  • If you are studying in the institution with which Immigration New Zealand has a Memorandum of Understanding, then you will have the opportunity to apply for a Length of Course permit.
  • If you are provided with a full scholarship you may be granted a student permit for the period of your award (up to a maximum of four years).
Part-Time Study
  • If you are studying in New Zealand for at least three years and the course requires you to gain practical work experience as part of your study, then you will be granted for student permit.
  • You will be given student permit if you are coming to New Zealand for a study period of maximum of nine months and your course meets New Zealand's foreign student policy requirements. For this you will be required to show that you have paid the course fees, and you meet the visitor requirements.
  • In case you are in the final semester of a course of study in New Zealand, hence resulting in a New Zealand qualification that would allow you to qualify for points under the Skilled Migrant Category.
Working While Studying
  • You can opt for working part time while studying full time, under certain circumstances such as to meet course requirements for practical work experience.
  •  You can also opt for part time working while studying during Christmas and New Year holiday period if you have applied in a full-time course of study lasting 12 months or longer.
  • You can apply to work for up to 20 hours in any given week during the academic year if you are in full-time study at a private training establishment and taking at least two academic years to complete.
How To Apply

You will get all the required forms at the visa issuing officer in your country. To receive student visa, all the above documents are essential and should be carefully submitted. Only when the overseas New Zealand government office gets satisfied with your complete and ordered application, you will be issued a student visa. For more information regarding the general procedure and requirements for student visa, visit the Immigration New Zealand website at:

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