Develop your career skills and gain work experience with the help of internship programs in New Zealand. Read more about these programs in the following article.

Internship Programs in New Zealand

If you are looking forward to international internships that could accelerate your career growth, internship programs in New Zealand can be an excellent option. Internship in New Zealand can be more profitable than other western countries as the companies are smaller here, hence providing more job duties and subsequently, more skills to learn. The economy of New Zealand is quite developed and modern in terms of global level. Students can use the great working environments and extensive opportunities to further enhance their studies and gain international experience. The internship programs are available in almost all major industries across all the major cities of New Zealand. The duration of these placement programs can be anywhere from 6 to 26 weeks and between 30 and 40 hours per week. Usually the placements under 18 weeks are unpaid, but there are few employers that can help you to share some of your expenses. Not only these programs help you to gain professional work experience, but also provide you opportunities to make friends, develop career skills and experience the lifestyle of exotic New Zealand. To know more about the internship programs in New Zealand, read on.
Internship Programs in New Zealand
Eligibility Criteria
  • To become eligible for internship program, you must have completed at least two years of study in the field of internship placement at a minimum of higher diploma or degree level.
  • Other requirement includes annual grade point average, minimum of 3.0 (60%).
  • The student or candidate should be aged between 18 and 30.
  • For students it is important to show the support and recommendation letter of the learning institution.
  • Every candidate should have intermediate level of English (minimum IELTS 6.0 or equivalent)
  • Every candidate or student is required to pass the interview and complete all application requirements.
  • The candidate must have appropriate visa, which is mandatory for the students or candidates residing out of New Zealand.
Program Fees
The placement companies can charge you internship program fees between USD 1,200 to USD 1,600. The program fees generally cover the following:
  • Application process: It includes the review and appraisal of your application along with giving valuable assistance with your CV and cover letter. You will be prepared for the interview process which may include a personal interview over the telephone.
  • Placement process: Your fees also include assistance in securing a placement in your field of interest, placement documentation and contracts.
  • Pre-departure and arrival assistance: The placement company will provide you with all necessary pre-departure support and information on New Zealand.
  • Support services: You will be given regular support throughout the duration of program which will include 24 hour emergency support hotline. You will be provided with liaison and regular contact with your home learning institution.
  • Certification and evaluation: The placement company also provides a certificate of work experience on completion of your internship program, along with evaluation from the host company.
  • Optional Services: These services may include airport service, academic credit and training program moderation, business English tuition, travel and medical insurance, and housing arrangement.
Application Procedure
  • After a brief enquiry, you are required to prepare for your application. 
  • You must supply these documents with your application: your complete updated resume with your latest photograph, cover letter and recent academic transcript (in English).
  • You will also need to submit two written testimonials/letters of recommendation from a professor, careers adviser, previous internship company or employer.
  • As a proof of your English proficiency, you need to show English language test results (6.0 IELTS equivalent). It is advisable to present copy of your final qualification (graduates) and portfolio for some fields of placement.
  • Once the placement company receives your complete application form with all relevant documents, it will arrange an interview with you.
  • After the successful completion of the interview, you will be notified of your acceptance. After which you are required to pay your deposit for internship program.

Once your deposit is received, the company will arrange your placement in the respective field of interest.

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