There are several universities in New Zealand that offer scholarships for PhD programs. Learn more about these PhD programs in the following article.

PhD in New Zealand

PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is one of the highest and respected degrees in the field of education. A PhD demands high level of study and research from the student but it opens wide range growth opportunities for the student. The research facilities required for the appropriate PhD degree can only provided by finest universities. If you are looking for such fine universities and institutions, New Zealand should be one of the first destinations on your list. There are several universities in the New Zealand which are globally recognized for their quality education and research standards. The higher education system of New Zealand is quite similar to Australian education system and encourages independent learning, new ideas and a strong self learning approach. To pursue PhD from New Zealand, it is compulsory to prepare a research-based thesis under the supervision of an academic guide in the respective subject field. Generally the duration of PhD programs in New Zealand take two to five years. With the favorable studying atmosphere and great climatic conditions, New Zealand insures you high level of education with a pleasant stay!
PhD in New Zealand
Nature of the Degree
PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is awarded on the basis of the submission of a thesis. The thesis provides the proof of candidate's ability to carry out research. It also shows that the candidate has been original and independent, and that he/she has made a significant contribution to knowledge in the particular field. The work in the thesis should be worthy of publication. The nature of the research should be such that a diligent and competent student should complete it within two to five years of full-time study.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Every candidate applying for PhD programs in a New Zealand university must be a university graduate and will need to produce evidence of ability to undertake research in the area of proposed study.
  • For evidence, he/she can show a Bachelor's degree with first or upper second class Honors or equivalent (including a research component). A Master's degree including an appropriate research component can also be produced as evidence.
  • Candidates with sufficient experience of individual research in certain field are preferred by universities.  
  • Students from other countries are required to show proof of English proficiency. They must have an acceptable IELTS or TOEFL score.
  • A valid Passport.
  • Candidates must produce evidence of adequate funds to cover tuition and living costs in New Zealand.
Course Duration
  • A candidate is expected to pursue a program of study and research under supervision for a period normally equivalent to three full-time years.
  • A candidate is required to remain enrolled for the entire period of the candidacy, up to the submission of the thesis, with an exception to withdraw temporarily from study after the permission by the university board.
Course Fee
There are several universities in New Zealand that offer scholarships to international students for their PhD programs. To apply for scholarships, candidates should visit the respective websites of universities. Some of the universities even conduct competitive examinations for these scholarships. However, tuition fees for PhD programs in New Zealand can be around NZ $ 5560 – NZ $ 7000 per annum.
Application Procedure
  • Enquire and learn about the doctoral regulations and requirements. Know about the basic educational requirements for the entry in PhD programs.
  • Decide upon your area of research interest or potential research topic. Check out the relevant faculty or department websites of your research field.
  • Once you have decided your area of research interest, you need to submit an online Expression of Interest (EOI). After which you will receive an acknowledgement by email. You will also need to submit your relevant academic transcripts, Statement of Research Intent, Doctoral Referee’s Report and your CV or resume.
  • Every candidate applying for doctoral degree must be registered by the Board of Graduate Studies before they may be enrolled for that degree. Initially the PhD candidates are provisionally registered. In this provisional registration period of twelve months, candidates are required complete particular goals. Only after satisfactory completion of the first year, a candidate’s registration is confirmed.
  • After the successful completion of admission process, you will be sent an offer of place to the doctoral program by email or letter.

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