Are you interested in receiving your Masters Degree in New Zealand? Read the following article to know more about the post graduate programs offered in New Zealand.

Masters Degree in New Zealand

Students who want to complete their education life by adding a feather to their cap, getting a Masters Degree in New Zealand should be their best choice. The post graduate degrees offered by esteemed universities of New Zealand are widely recognized across the globe for their high quality and reputation. Generally, for attaining a Master degree, students require two years of full-time study after a bachelor's degree or a year of study if the student has a postgraduate diploma or honors in the same field. New Zealand offers you its quiet and serene nature with excellent educational facilities to finish the final days of your education life. Masters degree is based upon the prior knowledge gained in the major part of the Bachelor's degree, and contains most or all of it in that discipline. It takes your knowledge to a more advanced level. In New Zealand, there are around 15 world-class universities which offer various undergraduate and graduate courses in different fields. Read further for more information about Masters Degree in New Zealand.
Masters Degree in New Zealand
Degree Recognition
The education system of New Zealand is similar to the British university system. There are eight state-funded universities in New Zealand, all of them are globally recognized for their academic and research performance. Apart from a full-fledged centrally coordinated system that offers quality assurance audits at both institution and program level, each university has its internal quality checks. All the courses and institutions are accredited by the NZ Qualification Authority (NZQA).
Degree Structure
The course of Masters Degree builds upon the knowledge gained in the Bachelor's degree, and takes it to a more advanced level. The mode of teaching in New Zealand prominently emphasizes on seminar presentation; and in provision of research experience for the candidate. Students are required to complete a thesis based on substantial research on the respective field. Many Masters Degrees in New Zealand consist of a thesis component, and in some cases, particularly honors the degrees may be thesis-only. There are options available to complete Masters Degrees by papers, or papers plus research.
Academic Calendar
The education system in New Zealand is a two semester system. The academic year starts from February to November. First semester commences from February and ends in June whereas second semester starts July and concludes in November.
Subjects for Masters Degree
Agriculture; Horticulture; Languages; Community Education; Non-formal Education; General Education; Computer Science; Social Sciences; Business; Accountancy; Office Systems/Secretarial; Management; Architecture; Quantity Surveying; Humanities; Dentistry; Engineering; Technology; Law; Arts; Advanced Studies for Teachers; Health Therapies; Medicine; Music and Performing Arts; Health Related Professions; Science; Fine Arts; Design; Health Sciences; Teaching; Trades; Midwifery; Occupational Therapy; Pharmacy; Medical Laboratory Science; Veterinary; Nursing; Medical Imaging; Clinical Psychology; Medical Undergraduate; Physiotherapy; Medical Radiation Therapy; Foreign-Going Nautical; Specialist Large Animal Science.
Admissions Requirements
  • Students who are interested to enroll in a graduate/postgraduate degree program in New Zealand University must have a recognized bachelor degree. You should fulfill the minimum requirements set by the Chairperson of the relevant department to declare you academically prepared and appropriate to be supported by the department on your research topic. You may be asked to complete certain program of undergraduate papers to ensure that you are well prepared for admission.
  • One of the basic requirements to study in New Zealand is to have a proof of English proficiency. A candidate should either have a TOEFL score of 577, plus a TWE (Test of Written English) of 5 or better, or he should have received an IELTS score of at least 6.5 overall (including at least 6.0 or better in the writing band). Some institutes in New Zealand even accept an iBT (Internet Based TOEFL) score of 90 with a writing score of 22.
  • Complete application form in all respect.
  • A Photocopy of your passport.
  • Medical and Chest X-ray Certificate
Application Procedure
  • Check with the respective departments to know if there is a closing date for your application. You can apply directly to the Institution's Admission Office for detailed application information and forms.
  • Some universities offer online application forms that you can download from the respective university websites.
  • Institution’s Admission Office will guide you through the whole documentation, translation, and visa requirements process.
  • Fill all relevant documentation required in the application form. Forward the complete application form along with all supporting documentation to the Enrolment Office before the deadline of application process.
Cost of Education
Tuition Fees in NZ$
New Zealand University
  • Masters degree: NZ$19,000
  • PhD: NZ$25,000-NZ$40,000
New Zealand Polytechnic or Institute of Technology
  • Diploma: NZ$14,800
  • Certificate: NZ$14,200
Living & Other Expense in NZ$
Accommodation, food, cloth, travel, telephone and incidental cost around NZ$12,000 - NZ$14,000 per year.
Accommodation Expense in NZ$
  • Halls of residence or student hostels: around $200 per week.
  • Home stay or private board: around $180 per week.
  • Flatting: Bond, plus around $120 per bedroom per week.
Health Insurance in NZ$
  • International students should have adequate arrangements for health & travel insurance.
  • Insurance cost can be around NZ$399 per year or NZ$33.25 per month.
  • It will be immensely helpful if you take out travel insurance before leaving your respective country.

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