Universities of Mexico are known for providing high quality postgraduate courses. Read more about the Masters Degree in detail in the following article.

Masters Degree in Mexico

Every year millions of people visit Mexico to enjoy the pleasant climatic conditions of this North American country. Mexico is one of the popular tourist destinations of the world. This tropical region is famous for its beautiful beaches, ruins of ancient human civilizations and local culture. Mexican culture is famous for local folk dances and cuisines. Mexico is one of favorite destinations of international students especially from America and Europe. There are dozens of reputed universities in Mexico that provide world-class education in nearly all disciplines. As compared to US, tuition fees of the various courses at Mexican universities are cheaper and affordable. Mexico also provides comfortable living in reasonable cost of living. Living cost including accommodation and traveling charges are quite affordable in Mexico. Mexico offers you a great opportunity to enjoy the spirit of life along with learning various courses. Read further to know more about Masters Degree in Mexico.
Degree Structure
In Mexican education system, students after receiving the Bachelor's degree (licenciatura), take extra courses called diplomados. These extra courses usually last 2–4 months and provide further studies without continuing to the next degree level. While most students in Mexico remain at this level only, some students choose to continue to the maestría, equivalent to the Master's degree. Maestría generally includes 2–3 years of study and mandatory completion of a thesis. Following the general pattern in US, students in Mexico can be seen entering in a master's program after a few years in the workforce and then continue working while studying. 
Subjects for Masters Degree
Accounting, Administrative Law, Anatomy, Astronomy, Bilingual Education, Business Communication, Business Economics, Business Law, Commercial Engineering, Communication Studies, Corporate Communication, Dentistry, Education, Elementary Education, Environmental Studies, Health Education, Journalism, Language Teaching, Law, Morbid Anatomy, Pathological, Agricultural Engineering, Architecture, Biomedical Engineering, Business Administration, Commerce, Economics, Electronics Engineering, Engineering Science, Finance, Graphic and Industrial Design Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, International Relations, Journalism, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Philology
Admissions Requirements
  • Completely filled university application form with all relevant information.
  • Non Refundable application fees.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial assets to support the studies.
  • If any candidate is receiving any type of scholarship, he/she needs to present appropriate documentation.
  • A valid passport.
  • Attach complete details of educational qualifications including details of course subjects and grades.
  • Candidates need to attach official transcripts from each institution attended after secondary school with important details of the subjects, credits involved and other details like correspondence courses, diplomas etc.
  • IELTS/ TOEFL score as a proof of the proficiency in English.
  • International students must have a medical insurance to study in Mexico.
Application Procedure
  • Universities in Mexico offer application forms at their respective websites. Interested students can download application form from these websites. With the application form, applicants need to send official academic transcripts for the past 3 years of study, two letters of recommendation, copy of the passport, two ID sized photographs and receipt of fee payment.
  • Students interested in postgraduate programs in Mexican Universities have to give online entrance exam for the university courses. Non-European students may have to give a personal interview with a delegate of the university.
  • After clearing the entrance exam, students have to obtain student visa for Mexico.
  • For admission in universities of Mexico, foreign students have to get their High School qualifications validated from the Mexican embassy.
  • Students applying for study courses in Mexican Universities, have to personally appear in the admission office of the university with these documents: Passport, 2 ID sized photographs, notification of candidate’s acceptance of admission and proof of validation of high school studies.
Cost of Education
Tuition Fees
The course fee for postgraduate in Mexico varies from university to university and is subject to change every year. Students looking to take up a master's course can refer to each university’s official website for any enquiries regarding the latest fee structure.

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