Swedish universities follow a different pattern for granting admission to foreign students. Go through this write-up to know the university admission process in Sweden.

University Admission in Sweden

One of the largest Scandinavian kingdoms nestled in the far north of Europe, Sweden boasts of style, modernity, and security. The great scenic beauty, clean environment, natural riches, mesmerizing cities, and a magnificent climate make Sweden one of the most desired destinations for international students to pursue higher education. The entire aura of educating yourself in one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities, Stockholm, deems the experience to be an outstanding and commendable one. Foreign students get to view both the seasons of the year - summer and winter at their best. With favorable environment and other benefits such as interesting classroom lectures, this academic world is considered a good alternative to gain knowledge. The degrees and certificates awarded by the Swedish universities are recognized and accredited across the world, offering productive job openings with handsome salary packages. Admission to the various courses and programs in any university or institution of higher education in Sweden requires the applicants to follow certain guidelines. However, application procedures vary according to the level of study here. Presenting you in the following lines is the process of seeking admission in a Swedish university. Continue surfing.
Admission Eligibility
Applicants, applying to undergraduate courses, should possess internationally recognized higher secondary level education or equivalent recognized qualifications. However, for admission to postgraduate level programs, they should have a worldwide recognized Bachelor’s degree or equivalent recognized qualifications. They should be able to demonstrate proficiency in English language by taking the universally recognized English tests, such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc., and submitting their score cards. Apart from these basic requirements, certain universities have their own specific requirements. Candidates may have to fulfill additional requirements, as desired by the course and university they are applying to. Therefore, visit the respective university’s website to figure out the requirements necessary for their intended course of study.
Application Process
Students desiring to study in Sweden must apply online, using the national application database called www.studera.nu. The process for applying to a Swedish university is as follows:
  • Create an account on the above given website using your email account. This will become your username which will be used during the entire course of admission. Create only one user account as additional accounts will be deleted by the university officials in Sweden.
  • Using the same user account, search for the various programs and courses offered in Sweden and ones you may be interested in pursuing. You can select as many as 20 courses and programs at one go.
  • After selecting the courses and programs of your interest, you now have to rank them in your order of preference. The topmost course should be marked 1, followed by the second priority as 2, and so on.
  • To complete your application, you are required to submit supporting documents and pay the application fee before the deadlines. Documentations should be mailed to University Studies in Sweden, FE 1, SE-833 83, Stroemsund, Sweden, either through the regular postal service or via delivery service.
  • An application fee of SEK 900 is mandatory while applying to universities in Sweden; else your application will not be processed. The payment can be made electronically on the website through a credit or bank card, or you can transfer the amount from a bank of your choice to “University Studies in Sweden”.
Documents Required
  • Academic certificates to demonstrate your qualification is suitable for higher studies in the respective university and course.
  • Certified copies of all degrees and courses undertaken in English. In case they are drafted in any language other than English or any Scandinavian language, get them translated by an authorized official in English, Swedish, German, or French.
  • Copy of TOEFL, IELTS, or English proficiency letter from your last attended college or school, indicating that the medium of instruction was English throughout.
  • Up-to-date resume highlighting personal information, academic qualification, work experience, and references.
  • Two letters of recommendation in English from your teachers in the previous school or college.
  • Purpose statement, displaying why you intend to study in Sweden
  • Work experience letter, if any
Meet Deadlines
The academic year at Swedish universities is divided into two semesters: Autumn and Spring. Students applying for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees have to comply with the deadlines in order to seek admission at the right time. For the Autumn semester, the application period is January 15, while for getting enrolled in the Spring semester, they have to apply by August 15. However, last dates for receiving applications can vary from university to university; thus, contact the university to get the respective closing dates.
Complete Formalities
After you have sent your applications, you will be notified of your acceptance or denial by the end of March for the Autumn semester and in September for the Spring intake. Register your confirmation of acceptance to the respective university on the www.studera.nu website before the given deadlines to reserve the seat; else the admission will be given to the next deserving student. Pay the first installment of the tuition fee to the university after you have accepted the offer. Thereafter, you will receive a notification from your university that the first installment has been paid. Apply for a student visa and residence permit at the Swedish embassy or consulate in your country of origin or domicile, along with an application fee of SEK 1000. Your university will inform of the receipt of the first installment of the tuition fees to the Swedish Migration Board, which, in turn, will grant you student visa and residence permit, once your application reaches them from the embassy or consulate, in your country. You will be informed of the same by the embassy or consulate. Subsequently, complete your departure procedure and book your ticket to Sweden. Come and witness the experience of studying in the most captivating and enthralling study destinations of the world - Sweden.

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