Sweden is the ideal place to fly to if incredible beauty and outstanding academic standards is what you are seeking. Know the overall study cost of pursuing higher education in Sweden.

Study Cost in Sweden

Beauty seems to be oozing out as you firm your footsteps in the striking and captivating nation of Sweden. With crime rates at one of the lowest in the world, this entire surprising country is a treasure for tourists, potential business professionals, and above all, students. Studying amid breathtaking scenery and awe-inspiring outdoors offers an outstanding experience to take back home. And since Sweden had always taken academia seriously, inflow of international students has never taken the graph on the downside. Esteemed universities, notable professors and lecturers, welcoming atmosphere, modern hi-tech infrastructure, and cooperative student crowd, Sweden never fails to cajole foreign students with academic excellence and comprehensive study programs. Another fascinating fact about Swedish education is that undergraduate and postgraduate degrees come either free of cost or at relatively lower prices. Nonetheless, your locality and lifestyle adopted in Sweden can raise the price bar. Take a look at the following sections to know the various costs incurred while pursuing higher education in Sweden.
Study Cost in Sweden
Tuition Fees
Tuition fee is charged for bachelor’s and master’s degree courses, while PhD programs are tuition-free. Students who belong to EU/EEA countries and Switzerland are exempted from paying any kind of tuition fees, even for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Every university or colleges has set its own fee standards, differing upon the location, courses offered, and reputation in the international market. Cost of pursuing both undergraduate and postgraduate courses can range from SEK 80,000 per academic year for courses in humanities, law, commerce and social science, and SEK 1,80,000 per academic year for programs in fields of medicine and fine arts. Besides the tuition fees, students, who join the local student union, are required to pay a membership fee of about SEK 50-350 per semester, depending upon the union.
Living & Other Expenses
Living expenses are directly related to the location where you are residing. Big cities are usually expensive than smaller towns. Average living expenses, including accommodation, food, clothing, travel, laundry, books and other study material, telephone, and sundry cost about SEK 7300 per month, a necessary requirement for obtaining a residence permit. In case you desire to take your spouse and/or children (under 18) along with you, you will need an additional SEK 3500 per month and SEK 2100 per month to support the stay of your spouse and each child, respectively.
Accommodation Expenses
According to the locality of the university and the living standards of the place, accommodation costs for international students in Sweden can vary largely. Student can end up splurging out SEK 2000 to SEK 3500 per month for a room in smaller towns, while medium-sized towns can urge them to pay SEK 2300 to SEK 4300 per month, for a room. For students enrolled in universities in cities, accommodation rent can vary from SEK 2500 to SEK 4500 monthly, for a single room.
Health Insurance
All students, regardless of their nationality, are required to get themselves insured before coming to Sweden. In fact, it is essential to submit a certificate of health and medical insurance at the time of applying for a student visa to Sweden, since private health care is pretty expensive there. Nonetheless, cost of hygiene, medical care, and insurance can cost about SEK 250 per month, with a regular visit to doctor amounting to SEK 150 for consultation.

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