Studying and residing in Japan can be highly pricey, if you do not control your expenses and lifestyle. This article gives you the details of the cost of studying in Japan.

Study Cost in Japan

The excellent academic standards, high-tech resources and facilities, and the outstanding reputation across Asia and the world has made Japan one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations. With Japan, the learning process never seems to come to an end. The state-of-the-art technology, the phenomenal economic growth, well-equipped infrastructure, stupefying research opportunities - all blend well to declare the educational experience in Japan an enriching and mesmerizing one. With over 700 universities in Japan, near-perfect literacy rate, and English being a compulsory part of study, the academic environment that Japan puts forward forms the greatest appeal for attracting students from abroad in large numbers. Even though Japan is home to top 11 universities, the cost of studying and living here does not come easy. Tokyo, regarded as one of the costliest cities to live in, can force you to splurge out all your hard-earned and accumulated greens over a span of few months. Thus, it is best to figure out the different costs that you are likely to incur while residing in Japan. If you pick up the outskirts of the urban areas, your expenses are likely to see a dip. Plus, most universities offer scholarships for foreign students that can considerably take care of the high cost of living and tuition fees. Let’s check out the tuition fees and other expenditures that you’ll have to take care of while living and studying in Japan.
Cost of Studying in Japan
Tuition Fees
The academic fees charged by universities in Japan are more expensive than in the UK and the USA. The tuition fees for the first year comprises of admission fee, tuition fee, facility, and equipment usage fee. The average tuition fees charged by Japanese institutions for higher education vary from Yen 535,800 for a national university to Yen 390,000 for a junior college to Yen 536,632 for a public university. The breakup for the tuition fees charged by private universities and colleges is as follows:
Bachelor’s Programs: Yen 550,000 - 4,380,550 per year
Master’s Programs: Yen 665,676 - 1,229,631 per year
Doctorate Programs: Yen 554,991 - 1,213,102 per year
Living & Other Expenses in Yen
Living cost in Japan is popular for being among the world’s highest, particularly in Tokyo. Cities outside Tokyo can prove to be inexpensive, only if you learn the tactics of adjusting with the lifestyle. International students living in Japan have to take care of living and other expenses incurred, such as accommodation, food, travel, books and other study materials, telephone, medical, and other sundry costs. As such, you can end up paying Yen 150,000-180,000 on a monthly basis in Tokyo (preferably less in other cities), depending upon the location and your lifestyle.
Accommodation Expenses
Tokyo is known for housing some of the most popular lands in the world. As such, even a tiny apartment turns out to be an expensive affair. Accommodation can cost about Yen 34,000 for a rented flat in Gifu to Yen 70,000 for a single-room apartment in the heart of Tokyo, though the suburbs of Tokyo can charge you Yen 50,000, on a monthly basis.
Health Insurance in Yen
International students traveling to Japan for higher studies for a year or longer have to get themselves registered at the National Health Insurance section of the municipal office in their area of residency. The fees for the insurance differ from city to city, but the average turns out to be Yen 3,000 per month. When enrolled under the National Health Insurance, international students have to pay just 30% of the medical expenses incurred, on any treatment covered by the insurance, as the remaining will be taken care of by the insurance company.

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