A directional flow and a focused study pattern will ensure excellent performance from your end. Read on to know more about general tips for ELAT.

General Tips For ELAT

There is only one writing section in the test and the approach to give that section is not to judge a student’s wide learning abilities, but to make use of their logical abilities to link passages. The subject matter can be prose or drama. You need to refer to around 4 passages to write a passage. It can be based on fiction or non-fiction.

You can refer to the marking pattern and sample papers from its official website: http://bit.ly/examprep


ELAT preparation can only be done by lots of reading of prose and drama by renowned writers and authors. The students are expected to show their skills in terms of close reading, different writing styles, syntax, grammar, organizing ability and language.

The following tips will help you to carry out a directional pattern for exam preparation.

  • Frame you mind to analyze unfamiliar topics and try to draw an assessment for it. You should have the ability to think and write in different styles and should be able to draw a common idea for forming a passage.  You don’t need to prove your academic skills in the exam, as you will not be judged on this basis, but on the basis of your familiarity to the unfamiliar.
  • Reading content which is ‘vague and similar’ in nature will help a lot in preparing.  You need to hook up with a wide variety of passages from prose and drama. Write as much you could from the sample content. Analyze yourself on the basis of style, grammar and syntax.
  • You should spend around 30 minutes in just reading and understanding the passages and then you should work out on the questions.  Reading and understanding with patience is a must.
  • Work a lot on your vocabulary and read a lot of literature for your preparation. There should be no last minute preparation for your exam and you should be preparing very well in advance.

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