ELAT is a standardized 1 hour and 30 minutes, a pen-paper based test. Read on to know more information on ELAT exam pattern and structure.

ELAT Exam Structure

The writing section includes, writing of one passage by referring to other passages from prose and drama. The judgment basis is to analyze how far a student can go in terms of close reading and then writing it. The ability to develop and interpret an argument is also very important. No theoretical frameworks can be applied in writing the answers (no references).

  • 90 minutes pen-paper based exam, which measures the aptitude of students in the English language.
  • Very general topics are covered in the test and students are also not expected to interpret difficult topics.
  • Student’s close reading skills is mainly the key skill to be examined in the exam.
  • It is a screening test for the further Cambridge Assessment interview.

ELAT Exam Pattern

  • There is only one section in the ELAT. It is called the “Writing Section”.
  • It is a 90 minutes section which judges the close reading skills of the candidates.
  • You will be asked one-essay questions (using two-three passages).
  • Your key skill should be understanding, argument development and interpretation.

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