The last minute things always work and guide students in a proper way. Read on to know FAQ'S on ELAT Exam.


When you are preparing for your exam, then you would want brief and instant information on many topics. It is all possible to gather such information by means of FAQ’S. You can clear your doubts and can also take it as a checklist which can be referred for checking your coverage. Read on to know more information about the most frequent questions in ELAT exams.

Most Frequent Questions in ELAT Exam

  • Who can apply for ELAT?
    A) Anybody who is in last year of their pre-university college can apply for ELAT for the undergraduate program
  • Who needs to take ELAT?
    A) Those students should take the ELAT test who wishes to apply for the Oxford University.
  • Can ELAT fees be refunded?
    A) No, Cambridge Assessment Test doesn’t refund the fees for ELAT.
  • When is ELAT taken?
    A) The ELAT is taken in the month of November in a year.
  • Are dictionaries allowed to be used while taking the exam?
    A) No
  • When are the results declared for the ELAT exam?
    A) The result for the exam is declared by January 14th of an year.
  • Can ELAT results be remarked?
    A) No, there is no provision for remarking or re-correcting of the ELAT answers.
  • Which ink should be used for writing the exam?
    A) Black ink should be used to answer the questions.

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