A structured perspective to find your correct assessment in the ELAT. Read on to know explanation of ELAT scores.

ELAT Scores

Description Of ELAT Scores

  • The test is scored out of 60 marks. The paper will be marked twice, out of 30 each time by two examiners, forming a total of 60 marks.
  • If the marking is vague (difference of 5 or more marks while marking twice), then a third examiner will assess the paper.
  • The two nearest marks will be totaled and will be sent to the Oxford University. The scores will be displayed online till January 14th.
  • The scores are further interpreted on scale basis. The scores are shown on four bands, starting from probability of admissions to non-probability of admissions on the basis of scores.

ELAT Scores

  • Phase 1- 52 to 60 marks
    The students who have scored in this band have the highest chance to be further called for the interview. 
  • Phase 2- 44 to 51
    The students who have the second immediate priority to be called for the interview.
  • Phase 3- 37 to 43
    The candidates in this phase have a lesser probability to be called for the interview. Else there should be some effective evidence to be presented for ascertaining the chances.
  • Phase 4- 0 to 36
    It is the phase which do not have any chance or who have very less chances to be called for the interview.

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