Spain has several prestigious universities including some of the oldest universities in Europe. Read about the admission procedure for Spain universities in the following article.

University Admission in Spain

The history of higher education in Spain dates back to centuries. One of the earliest universities of Europe, University of Salamanca is located in Spain and was established and founded in 1134. This university was given the Royal charter of foundation by King Alfonso IX in 1218. Similarly, there are a few other old universities in Spain. Spanish scholars are responsible for opening many universities across the world during the time of Spanish Empire. Government of Spain gives emphasis on providing high quality university education. There are a total of 73 universities in Spain, out of which 23 are private institutions. Seven of these private universities are affiliated with the Catholic Church. University admission in Spain is determined by the nota de corte, which is obtained at the end of the two-year Bachillerato. High score of nota de corte is important to study in public universities, while cost determines the courses in private universities. Read further to know more about the university admission in Spain.
Eligibility Criteria
Undergraduate Studies (First cycle)
Students who have completed their higher secondary studies in one of the member countries of the Lisbon Convention, have a valid school leaving certificate and have qualified the higher education studies in their home country are eligible for higher education studies in Spain. However, a proof showing proficiency in English and Spanish is a requisite. If a student does not have proficiency in either of the languages, he/she may be asked to take some additional qualifying courses.
Master’s Degree (Second Cycle)
Students, who are interested in Master’s program in Spain, must have a relevant Bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma.
PhD studies (Third Cycle)
Students, who are applying for Doctoral program in a university in Spain, must have a Master’s degree or relevant diploma.
Documents Required
  • Completely filled application form.
  • Non-refundable application fees.
  • Proof of sufficient financial assets to fund the studies.
  • A valid passport for the period of stay in Spain.
  • Complete details of the educational qualification, including course subjects and grades.
  • Official transcripts from each institution attended after secondary school with full details of the subjects, credits involved and other details like correspondence courses, diplomas, etc.
  • If the original documents or transcripts are not in English, a student needs to submit English translation of the same, along with the application form. The sent copies of educational documents should be certified or attested by a notary public, or a solicitor, or an official of the institution that issued the document.
  • IELTS/ TOEFL scores as a proof of English proficiency.
Application Forms
The academic year begins in the last week of September and ends in the first week of June. Majority of Spanish universities follow two semester pattern. The first term starts in the last week of September and concludes in the third week of January. The second term begins in the third week of February and completes in the first week of June. To apply for Spanish Universities, you can directly download the application forms from their respective websites.
Admission Procedure
  • Download the application for the university from their respective websites. Fill the application form completely along with all relevant documentation. Submit the application form before the application deadline.
  • On acceptance of your application to the program, you will receive an official acceptance letter, which will include details regarding registration dates, accommodation, uniforms, payment schedule, medical insurance, etc. 
Tuition Fees
At Public Universities
  • Bachelor’s degrees at public universities in Spain can be anywhere between 535 Euro and 1,280 Euro per academic year.
  • In Spain, the tuition fee of a course is dependent upon the credits assigned to the course. Hence, a Master’s course containing 60 ECTS credits may cost between 995 Euro and 1,920 Euro. 
At Private Universities
Private institutions in Spain charge much higher tuition fees than public universities. Tuition fees for Bachelor’s degree studies can fall in the range of 5,335 Euro and 12,805 Euro per academic year, depending on the course, the institution, and the student’s academic performance.

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