Universities of Spain are globally recognized for their high level research and training for PhD programs. Read more about PhD programs in Spain in the following article.

PhD in Spain

Europe is one of the primary destinations for students who are interested in pursuing their research program in the prestigious universities. Among the several European countries being hot spots for education, Spain is the most talked about as it is home of several esteemed institutions which are not only deep rooted in their establishment, but are globally recognized for their high educational and research standards. PhD programs generally demands high dedication and research from student. Students have to indulge in serious research to complete their PhD. Spanish universities provide right kind of attention and support for the Doctoral students. Spain is a great country which is known for its active night life and beautiful landscape. For students, it offers great learning experience. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the universities of Spain is best suited for dedication required for such enduring programs. The country also provides a golden opportunity to learn the local culture of the friendly people of Spain. Read further to know more about the various PhD programs in Spain.
Degree Structure
Doctoral degrees provided by universities in Spain are based on research. The PhD program can take a minimum of four years and is divided into two stages.
  • An initial 2-year-long period of studies, which completes with a public dissertation presented to a panel of three professors. Only when the project presented by the candidate receives approval from the university, he/she will receive a Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (part qualified doctor).
  • This is followed by another 2-year period of research. This period can be extended depending upon the nature of research. Extensions of PhD program can be requested up to 10 years. The student is expected to write the thesis presenting a new discovery or original contribution to science. Only when the thesis is approved by the "thesis director", the study will be presented to a panel of five distinguished scholars. Any doctor attending the public presentations can challenge the candidate, questioning his research. After getting approval from panel, the student will receive his doctorate degree. 
PhD Programs in Spain
  • PhD in Economics, Management and Organization: Departments of Business Administration at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Universitat de les Illes Balears and Universidad Publica de Navarra provide this doctorate degree. The main objective of this program is to train some qualified professionals in the field of science based approaches to the management of complex organizations.
  • PhD in Empirical Economics: The University of Granada offers a Ph.D in Empirical Economics and provides high level research in the field of Management and Economics. This course is also available to students of other fields like Banking and Finance, Behavioral Economics, Economic History, Labour Economics, Management, Macro Economics and Public Economic.
  • PhD in Business Studies: The PhD in Business Studies is offered by the Rovira and Virgili University. The candidate applying for this PhD program should have a postgraduate degree or a master's degree in Business Studies or a related field/area. A candidate can complete his/her PhD in Business Studies in a maximum of 4 years.
  • PhD in Management: This PhD program provides a rigorous foundation in the most advanced research methods of business management. It prepares students for careers in teaching and research with leading academic institutions around the world. It is a full-time course and can take minimum of 3 years and maximum 5 years of research and study.
 Eligibility Criteria
  • Students who are interested in PhD programs should show strong intellectual ability, sincere commitment and interest in academic work and teaching. Students applying for doctorate degree should have a master’s degree or relevant diploma.
  • Only those students who have sufficient experience of individual research in their respective fields should apply for universities in Spain.
  • Students have to show proof of their English proficiency. They must have an acceptable IELTS or TOEFL score.
  • Students who are interested in PhD programs in Spain should possess a valid passport.
Application Procedure
  • Submit complete application form with all relevant information.
  • Attach two official or certified copies of academic transcripts of your post-secondary studies from all previously attended universities.
  • Also attach two confidential letters of recommendation on institutional letterhead from your professors. These letters must show current dates and should be sent directly by the referees to the university.
  • Send a letter of application describing your proposed research topic, potential supervisor, and expected professional directions.
  • Curriculum vitae along with a short summary of your proposed research topic, describing your main research topics, and general procedures in which the research could be conducted.
  • Determine your area of research interest and contact to the relevant faculty or department websites of your research field.
  • After the completion of admission process, you will receive your acceptance to the doctoral program by email or letter.

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