Education costs of various courses in Mexican institutes are comparatively lower than other western countries. In the following article, read more about the cost of studying in Mexico.

Study Cost in Mexico

Studying abroad is a dream of most students but only successfully attained by some. While some fail to get through due to incompetent scores, others who have scored well cannot realize the dream due to sky-high costs. However, here's good news for all aspiring students. Mexico offers world-class education, excellent up-to-date infrastructure and advanced technology to students, but at a price that is relatively much lower than UK or USA. There are several prestigious universities in Mexico like University of Guadalajara, which is quite famous for providing one of the best Spanish language and Latin American Culture programs in the world. International students can enroll themselves in globally recognized summer programs. Study cost in Mexico is relatively low as compared to US and Canada. Tuition fees of the Mexican institutes are quite affordable. The accommodation expenses including the housing cost and traveling are also very reasonable. There are various options to choose in terms of living standards in Mexico. Living in major cities can be cheaper due to reasonable rates of daily commodities. Read further to know more about study cost in Mexico.
Study Cost in Mexico
Tuition Fees
For Undergraduate Programs
Tuition fees for the undergraduate studies in Mexico depend upon the type of institution and course. Public universities in Mexico can charge anywhere between $378 and $818 per academic year. Private institution charge much higher tuition fees for bachelor’s degree studies, their tuition fees usually fall in the range of $1,636 and $16,353 per academic year.
Living Cost
Housing Rent
Apartment rentals in Mexico generally cost $150 to $200 per month in major cities. In cheaper locations, rental costs can be around $80 to $100 per month.
Traveling Costs
If you have a car, the gas can cost you $50 per month. Traveling by bus is cheaper. Bus fares generally cost you around $2; however you have to pay higher in case of longer journey. Traveling by metro train is quite cheaper in Mexico with ticket price of $3 for unlimited transfers.
Monthly Utilities
Monthly utilities are quite cheap in Mexico. If you are not using an air conditioner, your electricity bill will come around $80 per month. In case of using air conditioner, you may have to pay $200 per month. Water bills are relatively much cheaper and may cost you $7 per month.
Maid Services
Maid services are available in plenty in Mexico. You can easily hire part-time and full time maid. Full time maid services can cost you $160 per month.
Food Expenses
Monthly expenses on food and groceries in Mexico can be $150 – $200. There is a wide range of options in case you are eating out. You can enjoy a descent meal at $1.50. Luxurious restaurants are very expensive in Mexico and cost you $100 per meal.
Clothing Costs
If you spend a lot on clothing, your clothing costs can be more than $150 per month.
Evidences of Funds
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources providing you uninterrupted and periodic supply of necessary funds. If someone in Mexico is sponsoring your education, you have to submit signed statement of responsibility and a photocopy of the identity card of the sponsor.
  • If your government is providing financial support to your study program in Mexico, you have to submit a letter from government regarding the funding.
  • In case you are getting scholarship under any scheme funded by Mexican Government, you have to present appropriate documentation.
  • As evidences of your funds, you can use cash, traveller's cheque, bank drafts or your credit card.

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