Mexico houses several companies, each of which provides amazing individual growth opportunities. Read further to know more about internship programs in Mexico.

Internship in Mexico

Mexico is a one-stop destination for fresh out students who are looking forward to making their first move in the corporate sector. For most of the students today, bagging an internship in a prestigious company right after college is a dream accomplished. Internship not only gives budding professionals a taste of the real corporate world, but also gives them a brownie point in their resume making it look all the more appealing. For students who want to get an exposure of the corporate sector in between two levels (bachelor and masters), internship is the best option to resort to. Coming to Mexico, it is home to several top global companies, which explains the economy of the country being the largest in the world. Thus, it wouldn't be wrong to say that there are limitless possibilities to grow for an individual in Mexico. There are several companies in Mexico that provide internship programs in various fields. These internship programs are aimed at university students with appropriate skills and experience from all sectors. Students can get internship placement in fields like administration, finance, marketing, hospitality and tourism, IT, architecture, engineering, social work, public relation, education and journalism. Duration of course programs can range from one month to six months. Internship programs in Mexico not only provide a unique learning experience but also offer great opportunities to enhance the working skills. Read further to know more about internship programs in Mexico.
Internship Programs in Mexico
  • Completely filled application form along with relevant documents required.
  • Interested candidates should have an intermediate or advanced Spanish language skill.
  • To have an internship program in Mexico, the studies and/or work experience should correlate with the area of interest.
  • The duration of internship program can be in the range of one month to six months. The candidate need to remain dedicated to the full term of the commitment.
  • The candidate must be at least 18 years of age and should have completed his/her high school.
  • The contender is required to have an insurance coverage for any case of accident and illness.
  • He/she should be open to foreign cultures and living abroad.
  • He/she needs to obtain travel visa to have an internship program in Mexico.
Program Fees and Benefits
Program fee for one month is $2105 and for every additional week, you have to pay $205. In case you are applying for weekly Spanish lessons, you may have to pay $175. Your program fees includes following benefits:
  • Placement companies will provide you an internship offer that matches your requested preferences.
  • You will be given appropriate accommodations that may include shared room with a carefully screened host family.
  • You will be given airport pick-up and transfer.
  • Your program fees include useful tips, advice, and information to assist you for the amazing adventure of living and working abroad.
  • You will be provided with representation in the United States and Mexico prior to, during, and after your placement.
  • There will be English speaking directors in country for your support.  
  • You will offered 4 weeks intensive Spanish language training (for programs 2 months or longer)
  • You may be provided with free internet service during normal business hours.
  • Your program fees would include 24 X 7 emergency phone support.
Application Procedure
  • You can obtain the application forms & procedures for the internship program either by downloading them from the respective websites of the placement companies or by filling an online request form.
  • After receiving the application form and documents, read them carefully. Fill the application form with all relevant information and attach all important documents along with application.
  • Your application packet should include intern program application, signed intern agreement, copy of your passport, official university transcripts, copies of diploma or certificates related to field of interest, resume and cover letter determining why you want to work in Mexico.
  • You also have to attach two professional references, medical certificate showing sound health, copy of police clearance, two passport sized photograph and one smiling full length photo.
  • You must pay non refundable application fees for the program.
  • After receiving your application and attached documents, the placement company will evaluate it and will contact you for a 20-30 minute phone interview.
  • Once you are accepted by the placement company for the internship program, you will receive an invoice for the remainder of your program fee.

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