Read this article to equip yourself with all the relevant information about getting a student visa for UK.

Student Visa for UK

Studying in widely respected and acknowledged universities of UK is a dream to many of the students who are looking to make a sparkling career. And considering that the Master’s degree programs in UK are of 1 year as compared to 2 years in many of the countries, it makes for one cheaper option to study in the heart of the very best in the world, UK. In order to immigrate to UK as a student, a visa is an absolute requirement and needs to be obtained before you can begin your education in the United Kingdom. And what type of visa you’ll be granted depends upon your age and on the length and level of course you wish to pursue in UK. And while applying for a visa to UK, you’ll need a whole bunch of supporting documents without which the visa will not be granted. Continue reading to know about these requirements, the visa details, and the procedure to apply for it.
Visa Details
Course Duration 6 Months or Less (Non-English Language Courses)
The applicants who intend to study in UK for a maximum period of 6 months and do not wish to work during their stay can seek entry into UK as a student visitor, but must apply for prior entry clearance visa.
Course Duration 6 Months or More (English Language Course)
The applicants who intend to study a course in English language only in the UK for duration between 6 to 11 months can seek entry into the UK as a student visitor and must apply for prior entry clearance visa (an extended student visitor visa). During this period, they may not work or bring dependants into the UK.
Course Duration More Than 6 Months (Non-English Language Courses)
The applicants who intend to study Non-English courses of longer duration than 6 months will have to apply for a visa under the Tier 4 of the Points based system (General Student or Child Student). Under this category, the applicants are eligible to bring in dependant and children if any, and can work part time during the duration of the course. The dependant will also be able to work full time. However, to obtain Tier 4 visa, an applicant must score 40 points. A total of 30 points will be gained if the university or college accepts the application of the candidate for the respected course. And the remaining of 10 points can be scored by the applicant by demonstrating that he/she will be able to financially support his/her stay in UK, including the course fee and the monthly living costs. The amount required will depend upon the length of the course and the part of UK where the applicant intends to live during the duration of the course. Also, it is important to note that this Tier 4 visa will only be granted for the duration of the course; maximum duration being 4 years for a degree level qualification. However, an extension for the visa can be applied at the end of the period if it’s required to complete the course.
Documents Required
  • A completed Visa application form
  • A current and valid travel document or passport
  • A passport size photograph, although keep a few in hand if need be
  • Evidence in support of the permission to be in UK
  • Previous passports, if any, to show your previous travel history
  • Translation of the supporting documents that are not in English; each of which must be dated, include the translator’s name and signature, the translator’s contact details, and a confirmation that the translations are accurate as per the original documents
  • Evidence of the money already paid to the education provider, like a fee receipt to the university you’ve been select in
  • Evidence of your ability to meet the living costs
  • Evidence of an official financial or government sponsor
  • Evidence of the money held by your parent(s) or legal guardian(s)
For more details you can check the official website of UK Border Agency or get in contact with the UK Embassy.
Procedure to Apply for a Visa
All non-UK students are required to apply for the visa through the IM2A form available free of cost at the British Embassy. These forms need to be duly filled and submitted to the embassy along with the fees, letter of acceptance from the respected university along with all the compulsory documents that are required to be presented to the embassy. After all the necessary work has been done by the embassy, the students need to appear for an interview and upon its clearance only will they be granted a visa to study in the UK.

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