Dig into this article on PhD programs in Australia and equip yourself with all the relevant information you're going to need if you want to take up a PhD program in Australia.

PhD Programs in Australia

In Australia, students are provided with among the more developed and exceptional education system in the world that thrives to better itself with a highly established quality assurance system. On top of that, Australia is a technologically advance country with world-class infrastructure, both for educational and residential purposes. It’s no surprise that Australia ranks right on top with UK and US when it comes to most preferred dream destination for thousands of international students looking to make a shining career. Among the many internationally renowned undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications that are offered by Australian universities; the doctoral degree research programs are such that are designed to harness and widen the intellectual capability of the students by imparting methodological and in-depth knowledge in the subject of research opted by them. These doctoral programs are of three years duration and provide the students with a chance to work under the guidance and interact with the very best of academics and professionals in the given field of research. Rest assured, pursuing a PhD degree from Australia will be an enlightening experience! Read on to get more information on PhD course structure, application requirements, and the procedure to apply in the very best of Australian universities.
PhD Programs in Australia
Degree Recognition
The distinction of education system in Australia is in sync with the system of US and UK. The degrees and qualifications earned from Australia are recognized by international employers and leading education institutions around the world. Thus, pursuing the same from an Australian university is sure to earn you plenty of opportunities in terms of job and placement.
Degree Structure
The doctoral degree is the highest level of educational qualification awarded by the Australian universities and requires a master’s degree or bachelor’s honors degree in the chosen field of study. These courses are usually of three years duration and although they are research doctorates; they also include a course work component. However, in a broader sense, there are three components to the the doctoral degree programs offered by universities in Australia:
  • A review of the literature, experimentation, or other systematic approach to the body of knowledge.
  • An original research project to be made and it should result in significant contribution to the knowledge and application of that knowledge within the chosen discipline.
  • A structured and well organized thesis up to 100,000 words to be prepared at the end of three years that highlights the relationship of the research to the broader framework of the chosen discipline.
Subjects of Doctoral Degree
Humanities; Social Sciences; Education; Law Management; Music; Commerce; Economics; Business; Architecture; Design; Science; Community Nutrition; Therapies; Pharmacy; Engineering; Agriculture; Medicine; Dentistry; Veterinary Science; Agriculture; Non Social Science & Social Science; Animal Production; Food Science & Technology; Natural & Rural Systems Management; Plant Production; Chemical and Biological Sciences; Law Management; Dentistry; Architecture; Design; Computer Science; Physics; Medicine Clinical; Therapies; Pharmacy; Speech Pathology; Health Sciences; Nutrition and Tropical Health, and many more.
Admission Requirements
  • It’s advisable for the students to choose the subject they want to research on in the PhD stage while doing their masters. It will not only provide them with better insight into the subject, but this is also a mandatory requirement in Australian universities that the students must have completed their masters in the same subject.
  • Students are required to submit all of the transcripts/mark sheets/certificates from senior secondary to master’s degree. And since different countries have different grading systems; students can ask their school and college authorities to convert the marks obtained in accordance with Australia’s grading system.
  • Also, if the transcripts and other relevant documents are not in English, they must be translated in English and should be bundled with the certified copies of the originals (certified by a person or agency recognized by the law or government of that country).
  • In case a student wants to take up management related subject as the research discipline, he/she is required to take Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) and submit the scorecard. The student can enquire from the university about the minimum score required for applying.
  • Students also need to take the mandatory IELTS English proficiency exam without which the visa will not be granted and subsequently admission will not be allowed. The test is regularly conducted by the British Council in over 120 countries. Again, the minimum score required to apply can be enquired from the university.
  • Although most universities in Australia do not require Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for admission purposes, it may be required in case of some general study areas in doctoral degrees. It’s advisable to consult the respected university for confirmation.
  • Students also need to provide work experience certificates or letters, mentioning the complete work details: key responsibilities and positions held. A detailed CV should also be attached along with the work related relevant documents.
  • A statement of purpose or personal essay mentioning career goals, interests, extracurricular activities, and why the student has chosen the particular stream and how he/she will manage financially during the stay in Australia needs to be provided..
  • Letter of recommendation (two recommended) from the person who has taught the student or knows him/her professionally, highlighting the strengths weaknesses of the student and why he/she would excel in the chosen field also needs to be provided.
  • Students also need to attach a few more documents like the detailed research proposal, abstracts, research publications etc along with the above mentioned documents.
Application Procedure
  • The students should start with applying to the shortlisted universities atleast a year before the closing date of acceptance of applications. The closing dates of submitting the applications can be found out at the universities’ or colleges’ official websites.
  • The application forms can either be filled on the university’s official website or through airmail. Either way, the relevant documents and certificates will have to be airmailed (after getting them duly attested by the registrar) to the universities.
  • After the university or college has accepted the student’s application and have issued an electronic certificate of enrollment (eCoE), the student can then proceed with fulfilling the visa formalities.
Tuition Fees
A doctoral degree in Australia may cost you anywhere between AUD $15,000 to $36,000 per year, depending upon the university; whether it’s privately or government funded.

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