Studying in America can be an expensive option, if you do not plan wisely. Explore this article to find the approximate study cost that will be incurred in USA.

Study Cost in USA

The United States is a “nation of immigrants”. People from different ethnicities and nationalities reside here, the greater bunch being students. With a multitude of colleges and universities established and ever-growing in the country, students in large numbers flock in every year to pursue their choice of courses and accomplish their dreams. However, studying in the US is not a cheap deal. You need to be well-established in monetary terms to have your child admitted to an esteemed university. Even though the country is home to some of the most prestigious educational institutions of the world, but they require you to splurge a lot of greens from your end. But luckily, there are a number of financial aid opportunities for the most deserving and talented students, which cover a major part of the study costs. Some of these supports include government loans, need-based scholarships, achievement scholarships, and so on. Additionally, there are many other funding options from private companies and organizations. Besides the tuition fees, other expenses can also turn out to be costlier in US, depending upon your lifestyle, area of residence, and other miscellaneous costs. Let’s take a look at the different expenditures that a candidate is likely to face while studying and living in the US.
Study Cost in USA
Tuition Fees
Tuition fees vary largely in the US, depending from university to university and course to course. The amount can also fluctuate depending upon the popularity of the institution. Given here is the approximate range of annual tuition fees for different universities.
Private Universities: $15,000-30,000 per year (the amount can extend beyond $40000-50000 per year in some universities)
Public Universities: $10,000-20,000 per year
Community Colleges: $8000-12,000 per year
Living & Other Expenses in $US
Your living expenses include cost of accommodation, books and study materials, food, clothing, travel, telephone, and incidental insurance. This usually ranges from $10,000-12,000 per year. The cost of clothing is generally $500 per year but can increase, if you are living in a cold place.
Accommodation Expenses in $US
Dormitories available on campus can cost about $3500-6000 on an average for a semester, depending upon whether or not meals are included. A campus apartment costs about $400 for a double bedroom with a sharing bath and a single private room will cost about $800 on a monthly basis. Living with a host family can cost you anywhere from $400 to $700 per month. Renting an apartment can cost between $300 and $600 per month, depending upon the locality and the number of students sharing it. Students living in a dormitory should keep an additional $1000 to $2000 for vacation periods when the dormitory might be closed.
Health Insurance in $US
International students are required to take health and medical insurance in advance before arriving in the US. The cost of health insurance can range anywhere between $300 and $500 per year.

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