Pursuing MBA from a US B-school is a dream-come-true for most candidates. Explore this article to find all information about the different MBA programs offered in USA.

MBA Programs in USA

Whether it is Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, Columbia Business School, or MIT Sloan, the target is the United States if it’s MBA on your mind as your next study course. With over 100 top leading business schools alone in the country, the United States is the leading business school centre. Over 80% of the candidates prefer the US as their study destination for MBA, with UK and Canada falling in second and third places. It goes without saying that MBA was born here and US is the world’s largest economy. These factors only add to the MBA programs flourishing in this part of the world, with a large range of subject choices available for an MBA student. The ample number of job opportunities and thriving career prospects available post obtaining an MBA degree contribute to more and more students opting for this prestigious master’s degree. All universities in the US offer excellent specializations for every student entering America, to suit his needs and dream goals. Let’s look at the various MBA programs and specializations offered by universities and colleges in the US and the different requirements demanded by them, in the following sections.
MBA Programs in USA
Degree Recognition
The term MBA itself is a high demand master’s degree in the professional world. But a student pursuing this esteemed course from a US educational institution stands a far better and prosperous future, in terms of earnings and respect, as compared to students earning this degree from other B-schools.
Degree Structure
Many colleges and universities in the US offer different kinds of MBA programs, depending upon the students’ needs and demands. The most common amongst these include One Year Full-Time MBA program, Two Year Full-Time MBA program, Part-Time MBA program, Online MBA, and Executive MBA. Full time MBA programs are designed for students who are fresh graduates and postgraduates and are not yet established in the industry. These courses are usually taken by students who can personally finance, take loans, or qualify for merit scholarship. With one year full-time MBA program, students are taught management skills since they already have know-how about professional network and extracurricular business skills. 

The two year full-time MBA program, on the other hand, is a 21-month course which covers all business materials and requires the students to undergo professional internship to learn how to create business contacts and integrate classroom skills. Working professionals, who are unable to sacrifice their job and take up full-time studies, opt for part-time MBA program, wherein they can earn the degree and receive better chances of promotion at the current job or find a more thriving new job.

Online MBA is designed for people who cannot enroll in full-time MBA programs or have personal obligations. Online business schools provide the requisite material and conduct classes online, as per the suitability and convenience of the students. Executive MBA is similar to part-time MBA program in terms of the study structure, but can be taken up only by executives and managers to enhance their expertise and add more skills to their current knowledge. Certain companies finance these professionals by giving time-off or paying their fees, to get completely involved in these MBA programs. Classes for executive MBA programs are held on weekends, while online MBA courses are self-paced with flexible schedules.
Academic Calendar
American universities follow a slightly different academic calendar compared to UK universities. The academic year followed in all US universities is organized by semesters - Fall and Spring. The fall semester runs from August through December, while the spring semester starts in January and ends in May. However, certain universities also run a summer semester, extending from May to August, but most students choose not to attend this semester and pursue vacation, work, or internship instead.
Specializations for MBA Program
Finance; Healthcare; Accounting; Human Resource Development; Marketing; Project Management; Entrepreneurship; Criminal Justice; Consulting; Engineering; E-Business; Education; Executive Level; General Management; Global Management; Hospitality and Tourism; Industrial Management; Information Systems; Knowledge Management; Leadership; Media; Non-Profit Making and Governmental Organizations; Real Estate; Sports Management; Technology Management; Telecommunication
Cost of Education
Tuition Fees in $US
An undergraduate degree in a US university can vary between $40,000 and $50,000, depending from university to university. The tuition fees can range anywhere between $8000 per year for a public university and $40,000 per year for a private university. Apart from tuition fees, majority of the colleges and universities charge additional fees, such as student activity fees, though they are relatively just a few hundred dollars per year.
Living & Other Expense in $US
The average annual living expenses, including accommodation, food, clothing, utilities, phone, and sundry, cost about $7,200-12,000 per year.
Accommodation Expense in $US
Depending upon your lifestyles and area of accommodation, you can end up spending $400 per month on rent, if you are residing alone in Auburn or sharing an apartment with 6 people in New York.
Health Insurance in $US
Mostly, health insurance is a mandatory requirement by US universities for international students. Thus, students are required to have adequate international student health insurance protection, as universities do not want to bear the medical expenses of international students. Health or medical insurance in USA can cost about $300-$400 per year.
Admissions Requirements
  • Candidates applying for an MBA program in US should have a Bachelor’s degree. However, for students applying from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Australia, having a three-year Bachelor’s degree is not sufficient and they must also possess a Master’s degree.
  • Even though every university has its own individual admissions requirement, it is highly essential for every candidate to have a good past academic record, in order to get admission in a good business school.
  • Most universities require an official transcript or mark sheet for every college and university attended after secondary school. Any correspondence courses or diploma courses attended should also be submitted via transcripts.
  • GMAT and TOEFL are the most important entrance tests required to be taken for starting the admission process of MBA in US. These test scores should be attached along with the MBA admission application form. A candidate should secure an average of 680 on the GMAT exam to be eligible for admission in a top American B-school, though this score can touch the upper limit of 720 as well, making the competition even tougher.
  • Students with a couple years of work experience are highly preferred by most of the top business schools of US, though it is not mandatory. However, relevant work experience is always an added advantage to get admission in a good college. Getting enrolled in an MBA program in US requires a minimum of three years of working experience.
  • Candidates with work experience should also submit a detailed resume highlighting relevant information, like position(s) held, achievements, and scope of work.
  • Letter of recommendation is an essential requirement in the MBA admission procedure. Ideally, you should give three letters of recommendation from people you know personally and professionally. Ask them to include your qualities, objectives, strengths, and importance and usefulness of the MBA program to the candidate.
  • Application essay, also known as personal essay, is another significant element in the admission process. You should focus on your strategies in convincing the admission authority in giving you preference over other candidates. In short, the application essay is the first impression of you as an individual, which should be the topmost.
Application Procedure
  • 15-18 months prior to taking admission in an MBA program, it is better to inquire about the admission procedures in USA. Prepare a list of different B-schools in USA, in which you desire to seek admission. However, include a few good schools as well, as you may not always be successful in getting admitted in your first choice.
  • Most universities publish their application form on their websites. Fill the form online and send the request for application material.
  • Since the admission process for MBA in USA is pretty lengthy, prepare your letters, documents, and academic records carefully that will be submitted to the college.
  • Be wary of the application deadlines of all the universities you are applying to. Send the duly filled application form, along with the required documentations to the university before the closing date of application.

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