The overall cost of studying in Singapore is relatively much lower than that of other popular international study hubs of the world. Explore this article to get information on the cost of studying in Singapore.

Study Cost in Singapore

Singapore is one the best developed economies in Asia and is major hub of global commerce and trade. Taking that into consideration, the cost of courses offered by the universities here and the cost of living is relatively lower than what it is in other advanced nations of the world. That, along with the high quality of education provided to the students, makes Singapore a budding hot-spot destination for international students to take up higher education here. With opening up of new universities in collaboration with the very best in the business: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), no wonder that Singapore is expected to attract over 150,000 students from across the world by the end of year 2015. While studying a course of their choice, on free time, students can enjoy the east meets west culture, fall in love with the food, go hiking, cycling, or a quiet walk alongside the beach, enjoying the breezy tropical weather; everything at affordable costs. Continue reading to know more about the tuition fee, cost of living, and accommodation costs in Singapore.
Study Cost in Singapore
Tuition Fees
Basic Education
For the government funded schools the fee structure is:
Primary Schools: SGD $120 per month
Secondary Schools: SGD $170 per month
Pre University Education: SGD $280 per month
As far as fee structure of private/autonomous/independent schools is concerned, parents/students are requested to check with the schools/institutions directly.
Tertiary Education
The cost of tertiary education in Singapore varies from university to university and is subject to change every year. Students looking to take up a bachelor’s/master's/MBA/PhD course can refer to each university’s official website for any enquiries regarding the latest fee structure. The Ministry of Education in Singapore also provides tuition grants to students who get admission in the local universities and polytechnics. International students are also eligible for the grants subject to signing of a deed with the Singapore government to work in Singapore for a period of 3 years (5 years in case of those studying medical and dentistry) upon completion of the program.
Living Costs
The standard of living in Singapore is one the best there is in Asia and the cost of living is comparatively low as basic items are reasonably priced when compared to other popular study destinations like UK, US, or Australia. Utilities, food, transport, clothing, telecommunications, stationary, health insurance, and personal expenses; taking all these things into consideration the cost of living in Singapore, on an average, can fall anywhere between SGD $750 to SGD $2,000. However, a lot of it depends upon individual’s lifestyle. How much for each can be expected is given below. These are not the exact figures though and are subject to change.
Utilities: SGD $80 to SGD $100
Food: SGD $300 to SGD $450 (approx $10-$15 a day for 3 meals; if not provided at the place of accommodation)
Public Transport: SGD $20 to SGD $150
Telecommunications: From SGD $30 (depending on the plan)
Stationery: SGD $30 to SGD $100
Personal Expenses: SGD $100 to SGD $300 (clothes, toiletries, entertainment, haircut, miscellaneous)
Accommodation Costs
The cost of accommodation for students in Singapore can be anywhere between SGD $400 to SGD $1,600 and varies according to the type of accommodation, its geographical location, its demand, and the facilities offered at the place of accommodation. Students can choose following accommodation options apart from the private hostels that are managed by the university and whose rent is generally included in the course fee:
Halls of Residence & Hostels: SGD $155 to SGD $560
Homestays: SGD $1,000 to SGD $1,600
The rest for the above accommodations will depend on the number of students sharing the room. And students are required to make prior arrangements before leaving for Singapore from their respective home counties. Most educational institutions in Singapore have an international student office that assist and make arrangement for international students.
Health Insurance
Students wanting to take up further education in Singapore are required to apply for a health insurance plan for the duration of the course. For the same, the students can enquire with the respected institution about the recommended health insurance provider. The policy can range from anywhere between SGD $5 to SGD $300.

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