Doing internship is a great way to fill up on any gap period by earning money and priceless experience. Explore this article to know more about the internship programs in Singapore.

Internship in Singapore

Not only is Singapore a great destination to complete your higher education, the quality of which is considered first rate and among the very best in the world, it is also a great place to gain a invaluable work experience through internships that will assist you greatly in the times to come. And you have the option to go for the either one: paid or unpaid internship program. However, in case of both, working in the real work setting environment with experts and dedicated professionals from different fields will teach you to practically apply the concepts you’ve studied in classrooms. Not only that, the opportunity to interact with other interns from different countries will help you cross cultural barriers and will infuse a fresh mindset, a mindset that is necessary to flourish in today’s rapidly expanding business world that knows no boundaries. Moreover, if you work with sincerity and put in your best effort, it’s possible that in future the company may keep you as a regular employee or may refer you in any other company. A great way to earn money and experience! Read on to know more about the internship in Singapore.
Internship in Singapore
Program Structure
Singapore offers both paid and unpaid internship programs to candidates (undergraduates and postgraduates) from all around the world. These internships are of minimum 2 months of duration to maximum of 12 months. Interns receive remuneration of anywhere between SGD $500 and SGD $1500 on a monthly basis from the respective employers (local or multinational).
Areas of Internship
Agriculture; Animals; Architecture; Arts; Food & Environment; Business, Economics, Law, Information technology; Computer Sciences; Management; Health & Medicine; Humanities; Social Sciences; Education; Product & Media Design; Engineering (various fields); Biotechnology; Biochemistry; Marketing; Fashion Designing; Travel & Tourism; Life Sciences; Media & Communication; Sales & Promotion; Insurance; Social Work; Hospitality; Supply Chain & Logistics; and many other fields.
To be eligible for an internship in Singapore, the candidate must have a valid "Training Visit Pass" for which the eligibility criterion is as follows:
  • The candidate needs to be above the age of 18 and below 29.
  • The candidate should be a recent graduate with an acceptable degree or should be currently completing a diploma or degree and an internship should be a part of this diploma/degree program.
  • The candidate should not have any criminal background and should not be barred from entering Singapore.
  • The candidate should have good command over English language.
  • The candidate should be able to make a health declaration.
Apart from this, placement agencies and companies also demand that the candidate:
  • Must have experience or education in the field he/she is choosing to intern in
  • Should enjoy providing a service and working with others in a challenging environment
  • Must be open to adjusting in a multicultural environment.
  • Must be dedicated and committed to complete the full term of the internship
Documents Required
  • A completed Intern Program Application form
  • A copy of the passport
  • University or college transcript copies of diploma or certificates related to field of interest
  • A detailed CV and cover letter in English, explaining why the candidate wants to intern in Singapore
  • Two letter of recommendations from professor or previous employer.
  • A doctor’s note verifying that the student is in excellent mental and physical health
  • Few official passport-size photos; keep more in possession if need be
Application Procedure
  • After the application is received by the placement agency, it goes through the candidate’s CV, cover letter, and other details.
  • Evaluating all these details, the agency starts to look for an internship in the company that will meet the candidate’s desire and ability.
  • The profile of the candidate is then sent to the company for evaluation purpose, which gets in touch with the placement agency with a feedback, as to whether or not does the candidate fit in.
  • If the application is successful, the candidate will be informed of it and will have to proceed with the procedure by paying 50% of the placement fees.
  • After the payment has been received, the agency will proceed with assisting the candidate with the visa application.
  • Once the candidate arrives in Singapore, the internship begins and the candidate has to pay the remaining of the placement fees to the placement agency.
Program Fees
The program fee for internship programs varies according to the placement agency and the type of internship (paid or unpaid). Below have been provided an approximate idea of how much of placement fee a candidate should expect:
The paid internship placement for 3 months or less will cost around US $600 to US $800.
The paid internship placement for 6 months or less will cost around US $800 to US $1000.
The paid internship placement for 12 months or less will cost around US $1200 to US $1500.
The unpaid internship placement for 2 months or more will cost anywhere minimum of US $400 to maximum of US $800.
Apart from finding an internship in a company, the fee generally includes covering for visa assistance, accommodation assistance, and guidance during the stay in Singapore. Cost of accommodation and other living expenses are not inclusive and should be arranged for separately by the candidate.

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